27 April 2017

Style It. Autumn Neutrals

If you go out for a wander in Melbourne right now, there’s a certain crunch underfoot… Crisp, golden leaves are everywhere. Melbourne’s seasons really are stunning and the blazing hue that appears thanks to the trees lining all the streets is my absolute favourite side effect of the new season.

16 April 2017

Style It. Ways To Wear Velvet

Much to my delight, it seems as though ‘90s fashion is having a bit of a style revival with velvet making a comeback. I’ve always had a a soft spot for it (see what I did there!?...), and I’m happy to report that its second lease of life has a much sleeker twist than the previous decade. From bikinis to jackets, dresses to accessories, this soft-to-the-touch texture looks good and feels even better.

Check out my top picks below to mix and match with your existing wardrobe. You can click to shop if something tickles your fancy. With so much ready-to-wear fashion utilising velvet, I guess you could say it’s touch and go…

12 April 2017

Style It. One Dress, Three Ways

When it comes to fashion, I’m all for versatility. As much as I love a razzle dazzle dress, if there’s only one occasion I can wear it to, it just doesn’t have the same appeal. I usually look for styles that can be dressed up or down, hence why I love this Michael Kors dress.

Cool and casual by day, to weekend-worthy, to night-time sophistication. It ticks all the boxes. Check out how I would style it below…

6 April 2017

Must Have. The 8 Books That Should Be On Your Reading List

I'm a massive bookworm. To the point where if I hop into bed at night with nothing to read I'll struggle to go to sleep. Seriously, it's a thing. Getting lost in the story of a novel is one of my favourite pastimes, which I have my parents to thank for encouraging this wonderful habit.

Generally, my tastes are quite varied. Period novels set during the world wars in Europe are a big favourite of mine, I also love a romantic comedy, a criminal mystery, a dystopian future or a real-life fashion tale.

2 April 2017

Style It. Savouring The Last Of The Sun

If you live in Melbourne like me, you'll notice there's been a bit of a shift in temperature these past few days. Autumn has arrived with a noticeable flourish and, with the clocks turning back today, it won't be long until winter is on our doorstep.

30 March 2017

Eat Me. The Collective, Palm Beach

A lovely school friend's wedding had me up on the GC last weekend. Sadly the sun didn't make much of an appearance which meant I had to spend my allotted beach time doing something else instead...

Like eating! I was happy with that because I've come to have a real excitement for trying the GC's latest and greatest eating spots when I visit and I think you'll like my latest find...

26 March 2017

Style It. South Yarra Strolls

I go through stages with my clothes... But more often than not you'll find me in jeans. Particularly if I'm out and about. Last weekend I actually found myself with a day for some downtime. So what better way to spend it, than wandering the beautiful neighbourhood I call home?...

23 March 2017

Style It. VAMFF, A Stitch In Time A Place Of Mine

Throughout March there's always an undercurrent of hub-bub in Melbourne's CBD. Set-up crews work tirelessly at iconic buildings, catering teams ferry to and fro, florists hurry about with overflowing bouquets and only the most stylish are seen on the sidewalks. Why? Because it's fashion week of course.

16 March 2017

Must Have. The Work Week Wardrobe

There's a certain routine to my daily dressing. Get up, open cupboard, stare mindlessly into cupboard, sit down on bed, check weather, look in cupboard again... You get the drift. Eventually I'll find a look I'm happy with for the day but it isn't without careful consideration!

It's times like this a girl wishes she had Cher's revolving closet from Clueless. I mean after all, if an outfit isn't front and centre, you'll probably just forget about it, right?

Well, here's how you solve the problem for the Monday to Friday grind. These sophisticated black basics should be front and centre of every girl's wardrobe for chic, simplistic style that will take you through from coffee to cocktails. Because, let's be honest, a social event always beckons...

5 March 2017

Suitcase. A Sydney Weekender

I must say, I’ve been in Sydney a lot lately, by the average traveller’s standards. To be honest, I kind of feel like I’ve covered most of the city now. The landmark sights, the beaches, the neighbourhoods… But one place I hadn’t yet been was The Grounds of Alexandria…

3 March 2017

Eat Me. Aristotle's, Neutral Bay

I had the pleasure of travelling to Sydney last weekend for this year’s TravMedia conference. Every year the travel press descend upon an unsuspecting conference centre to mix, mingle, chat wanderlust and sip champagne with representatives from hotels, tourism boards, airlines and more!...

Safe to say I was like a kid in a candy store. I attended the conference in London last year and was expecting a much smaller scale production here in Aus, but it was even better!

After 10hrs of chatting, smiling and teetering in heels, I had definitely worked-up quite the appetite. Time for dinner at, the newly opened, Aristotle’s in Neutral Bay.

19 February 2017

One Day. MINI Garage Melbourne Launch

My Friday night in Melbourne was made a little more exciting this weekend by an invitation to an exclusive event... of the MINI variety.

16 February 2017

Eat Me. Gaijin, South Yarra

For those of you who live/work in and around the city, boy have I got a treat to share with you. This week I discovered an absolute gem of a restaurant, it’s the perfect spot for when you feel like a cheap and cheerful meal. AND, it’s Japanese, my favourite. I know right!...

Welcome to Gaijin.

9 February 2017

Must Have. Valentine's Day

Ahhh the Hallmark holiday. When it comes to Valentine's Day, it means something different to everyone; mostly circumstantial of course. There are those singletons who feel alone and miserable. There are those who are all loved up and think of it as a day of indulgence. And then there are those who are indifferent and really couldn't give two hoots...

5 February 2017

Eat Me. The Australian Open & Poké Me

This post is terribly overdue, but bear with me and cast your mind back to a couple of weeks ago when a little thing called The Australian Open was in town.

A time when tennis royalty can be found roaming East Melbourne, Channel 7 is completely overtaken and the beverage of choice is an Aperol Spritz. Really, it's a great time of year.

2 February 2017

One Day. The Best Fitness Intro Offers In Melbourne

I'm notoriously sporadic at exercise. I'll get super into running for 6 weeks, then won't go again for 6 months. I'll join social tennis for a season, then never go back. I'll hit the gym every night for a week, then throw in the towel.

Honestly, I'm the worst.

I think I've simply got to put it down to my Gemini personality; I get sick of things quickly, I'm always seeking some new and exciting challenge...

27 January 2017

Must Have. Bags Under $500

People are always asking me about bags, and the most common theme is probably those wanting to upgrade and buy something quality without breaking the bank and going to the designer extreme.

Fortunately, I'm a bit of a bag queen myself [and shoes and purses... well just accessories in general!], so I can say with confidence that there are some really stylish options around right now. From sophisticated and classic to bold and unique; some brands are putting their own spin on designer looks, whilst others are going completely their own way. From oversized satchels to polished midsize bags, with plenty of splashy summer colours, I'm loving all of these. And, they're all under $500.

22 January 2017

Suitcase. Mount Martha Beach

I stumbled upon a little slice of heaven today. Beachy heaven that is... after all, there's no better kind. Crystal blue waters, golden sand, rugged cliffs and cityscape views. Even better, it's right in the heart of the Mornington Peninsular. Whoever said Melbourne doesn't have good beaches clearly didn't do their research...

19 January 2017

Eat Me. Charlie Dumpling, Windsor

I'm never one to say no to a dumpling... and I'm guessing neither are you. So I think you're going to like this place.

Sitting amongst Chapel St's endless dining choices, you'll find Charlie Dumpling on High St. Reasonably surreptitious from the front, step inside and you'll find this hotspot packed with personality. From wooden shutters to bold, bright artwork; in a word it's vibrant.

15 January 2017

Eat Me. Queen Victoria Night Markets Melbourne

Summer in Melbourne causes somewhat of an explosion of events. There's pop-up stalls, food trucks, twilight cinemas, festivals and, my personal favourite, the night markets. The atmosphere of celebration, the wafting scent from hot grills, the colourful array of clothing stalls... It's a feast for the senses - particularly at the Queen Victoria Night Markets.

8 January 2017

Style It. The Perfect Summer Dress

When the weather's 30+ degrees there's no doubt you want something breezy... yet still sophisticated of course. This black midi dress is the answer. I've been wearing it non-stop since I bought it.

5 January 2017

Eat Me. Meletos, Yarra Valley

I tell you what, I'll travel a long way for heavenly food. The kind of perfect meal that you just can't help but tell all your friends about over and over again.

I got exactly that on my visit to the Yarra Valley. Where I hear you asking? At Meletos.

1 January 2017

Suitcase. The Yarra Valley

Summer holidays in Melbourne absolutely called for a road trip to the Yarra Valley. Having visited Europe's wine regions including Bordeaux, as well as the beauty of New Zealand's, I figured it was time for a taste of Aussie grapes. Follow me, you're in for a treat!...