16 January 2019

Suitcase. Travel Tips: The Best Flights To Book

Living in Europe really did teach me how to be a savvy traveller. Between working full-time, freelance travel writing, and trying to squeeze in a leisure or a work trip, I didn’t have any choice other than to be smart with my adventures.

In 2 years I think I took something like 125 flights. Some trips were for less than 48hrs, fly after work Friday night and jet home late Sunday eve. The time constraints made it so important for me to make the most of my time in my destination. How? Well, choosing your flight time is crucial.

I was pretty much always on the first or last flight of the day. A dawn flight was always the best option out of London on a Saturday morning (don’t cringe, I’m about to explain why!), whilst coming home, anything after 7pm was preferred. In Australia, the same deal applies. Why? Watch (or should I say, read) and learn…