26 November 2017

Plate Up. Tres Leches (Milk Cake) With Honeycomb

If you read my Charleston post then you'll remember that I had an amazing dessert whilst in the south. A milk cake called Tres Leches, typical of Latin America that had me 'mmmming' so much I think the people at the table next to me thought I was mad. I knew as soon as I ate it that I had to try and recreate it. Now you can too...

22 November 2017

Must Have. Black Friday Sales 2017

Whilst we seem to be a little behind the eight ball here in Australia when it comes to Black Friday sales, there are still plenty around to be snapped up, both from local and international retailers.

The fun has started early this year with several offers kicking off today. I've got my eye on a few delights for myself as well as some Christmas shopping. Check out the best sales and their codes below...

19 November 2017

One Day. What's In My Bag...

It's been one crazy week. Jetting around for meetings, completing freelance work, pitching for more, seeing friends and family, attending events, hosting a dinner party... oh and putting up the Christmas tree - did you see it on my Instagram story? I feel mid-November is a totally acceptable time to start the festivities that I enjoy so much.
Don't judge.

It feels like I've crammed a month into the last 5 days. Dashing around has certainly kept me busy and when you're on the go you need all the essentials to hand. I'm a sucker for carrying a big bag with half my life in it. Here's a peek at the items you're sure to always find in my bag...

16 November 2017

Eat Me. Yagiz, South Yarra

One place I really wish I'd had the opportunity to visit whilst living in Europe is Turkey. Sadly, what with the current world affairs, I never made it over the Aegean Sea to see it. I can however say that I had the opportunity to try some incredible Turkish food whilst living abroad, but I'm sure not as good as the real thing. Although I must say, this new Turkish restaurant in South Yarra comes pretty close. Welcome to Yagiz...

12 November 2017

Must Have. Beauty Basics

Since my early 20s now feel like a distant memory and  the big 3-0 is just a few years away, I've started to really take some care and consideration with my beauty regime.

Where once I would slather on whatever moisturiser that was to hand (and that was only when I even remembered!), now I've taken to investing a little more time and $$'s into some tried and tested products.

Here are the favourites in my beauty cabinet...

9 November 2017

Plate Up. Easy Summer Lentil Salad

Believe it or not, prior to this moment, I'd never cooked with lentils. Often something I would eat as lunch from a cafe, I'd refrained from making them myself because I'd always had the idea they were really fiddly. Happy to report - that is not the case!

This little salad makes a great standalone option for lunch, or you could have it with fish or chicken for a healthy dinner. I have a feeling it's going to become a staple of your summer repertoire!

5 November 2017

Must Have. The Cult Brands You Need To Know

Variety is the spice of life, and I must say, one should always have plenty of spice in their wardrobe! We are all a little guilty of falling into a habit and visiting the same stores season after season, but I'm here to ensure you broaden your horizons and keep that closet intriguing!

Every now and then I like to do a little digging for some designers I've not encountered before. Check out my top picks for the cult brands you need to know this season...

Cushnie et Ochs
If you're looking for something suitable for a cocktail event, I think you'll find it here. Between bell sleeves, asymmetric details and alluring cut outs, all eyes will be on you.

Shop the pieces here

2 November 2017

Suitcase. Savouring San Francisco

Before I knew it, it was the final leg of my adventure. Last stop? San Francisco. I arrived in the city by the bay to find I’d timed my visit perfectly with Fleet Week. A yearly event where, for a few days, the nation’s air force and navy congregate to celebrate Bay Area naval tradition and honour men who serve.