29 December 2016

Plate Up. Scallops With Cauliflower Puree & Bacon

I love seafood. Pretty much more than any other food in fact. Which I guess would come in handy if I was ever stranded on a desert island... This dish is often something I order in restaurants so I decided it was time I tried making it myself!

22 December 2016

Style It. Easy Summer Style

Contrary to the rest of the planet – baby, it’s hot outside. Festive season for us in the land of Aus means chic swimwear, effortless maxi dresses, slip-on sandals and wide brimmed hats. Check out my pick of the essentials to set you up for a summer of style.

18 December 2016

Plate Up. Smoked Salmon Blinis

Well, the season of festive parties is well and truly in the swing! Yesterday I hosted a delightful little soiree at my flat and there's no prizes for who can guess what my hors d'oeuvre was! Smoked salmon blinis of course. An absolute go-to in my repertoire, I'm often whipping these up in the kitchen. They're light. They're bite size. And they're totally tasty. Try them for Christmas day, I know you'll love them...

15 December 2016

One Day. The Penguin Expedition At Sydney Aquarium

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

OK, not exactly the address I was off to but close enough. Last weekend during my little Sydney adventure I found myself at the Sydney Aquarium, for the launch of the new Penguin Expedition no less! 

11 December 2016

Suitcase. A Weekend Escape At The Radisson Blu, Sydney

Gosh it felt good to get on a plane again... And off to Sydney nonetheless. It's been nearly 3 years since I last visited and as I glimpsed the bridge flying in it felt like a true welcome back.

I was in town for the Supercar Gala dinner but that didn't mean there wasn't plenty of time to pound the pavements around town.

4 December 2016

Style It. November Celeb Street Style

Well it sounds like the cold weather has struck the northern hemisphere. I heard London had -6 overnight the other day. And just like that, so appears the fur, the leather and the knitwear on the street style set. Read on to see what's hot this month...

1 December 2016

Plate Up. Vanilla & Cinnamon Christmas Cookies

It would seem as though fate doesn't want me to share this recipe with you because after writing and scheduling the entire post - poof! A blogger error made the whole thing disappear. Talk about frustrating. Never matter because it's Christmas and one simply can't be annoyed at this time of year.

I love festive baking. Portions get larger, cakes get more elegantly decorated and the cookies come in delightful shapes and sizes! This little recipe is great to whip up when you'e got guests or to give as little gifts. So go on, off to the kitchen, I bet you've got all the ingredients in your pantry already...

27 November 2016

One Day. BMW New Series 5 Reveal At The Stokehouse

If you're contemplating a little roadtrip down the coast, nothing says luxury like taking the drive in a BMW. I mean honestly, the two go hand in hand... Which is why I was very excited to be invited to the much-whispered-about launch of the new series 5 sedan. At the soon to be reopened beach-front Stokehouse, none the less!

24 November 2016

Must Have. Christmas Gift Guide 2016

'Tis the season to be jolly... and give the best gifts. It's official. My tree is up and I'm feeling festive, all that's left to do now is the gift shopping.

My tip is to be prepared. Try and have it all wrapped up by the end of Nov, first week of Dec tops. No one likes that panicked feeling, when you're still racing round the shops at 10pm on Christmas Eve looking for that exclusive present that is now sold out. Everywhere. Shame on you.

Take a note from my ideas below for every budget and every style. Happy shopping!

20 November 2016

Plate Up. Banana & Peanut Butter Muffins

There's nothing better than a home filled with the scent of baking. It's cosy. It's delicious. And I've gotta tell you, this recipe creates quite the spectacular smell, as far as wafting scents go. So anyone with home inspections or guests coming round, be sure to have a batch of these in the oven.

17 November 2016

Eat Me. Night Noodle Markets, Melbourne

Combine Asian cuisine, jugs of Pimms and the twinkling lights of the Melbourne skyline and what have you got? An epic Friday night at November’s Night Noodle Markets. Making the most out of last Friday’s warm sunshine, we headed for the top of Birrarung Marr by the river with a picnic blanket and some grumbling tummies.

13 November 2016

One Day. 6 Ideas For An Aussie Christmas

I had a heart-breaking epiphany yesterday. This year there will be no Christmas markets for me. After 2 years of being spoilt in Europe with Winter Wonderland and the incredible markets of Bruges, Prague and northern Italy – 2016’s festive season will hold no snowflakes and mulled wine for this Aussie elf.

How depressing. But never matter. When life gives you lemons, ask for tequila and salt… right? So, I thought I’d better compile a list of some traditionally Aussie Christmas alternatives.

10 November 2016

Eat Me. Middletown, Prahran

Every time something British crosses my path I get a serious case of nostalgia. I really do miss England and Europe so much. Which is why I was delighted to find a little café in Prahran that was guaranteed to quell my sense of London-sickness. Welcome to Middletown.

6 November 2016

Must Have. BLK

I could list off a million and one reasons why black is best when it comes to fashion. Being the total advocate that I am, it can just do no wrong in my eyes. Check out a few of my favourite winning styles from various designers, both pocket-friendly and splurge-worthy.

3 November 2016

Eat Me. Milk The Cow, St Kilda

There’s few things in life that give me such great pleasure as wine and cheese. I mean truly, it has to be a match made in culinary/alcoholic heaven. Creamy, textured diary with sharp, snappy wine. What could be better? Nothing. Except maybe having a dedicated venue that celebrates it. Get ready to indulge…

30 October 2016

Style It. October Celeb Street Style

Fashion month wrapped a few weeks back and after being awed by so many incredible new looks both on and off the runway, now it’s time to figure out just how to wear them for ourselves. After plenty of celeb front row action there was a veritable melting pot of looks to choose from in my round up this month. Check out my top picks.

27 October 2016

Style It. Why You Should Wear 'Special' Pieces Everyday

My whole life I've been a bit of a self-confessed hoarder but that's all changed in the last year or so. Previously, something with sentimental value [i.e., everything] had to be kept, and new or expensive clothes would sit in my wardrobe as though their shiny aurora would be damaged if they were taken outside.

Now that I think about it - totally silly.

23 October 2016

Eat Me. Cecconi's, Melbourne CBD

The 4 weeks I spent travelling Italy in July did nothing to sate my relentless appetite for pasta. I mean really, why would it? You can never have enough! And this place was particularly good.

Welcome to Cecconi's.

20 October 2016

One Day. The Melbourne Botanical Gardens

My beautiful mummy came to visit last weekend and in my book that only means one thing - time to play tour guide! We explored the city, ate at some amazing restaurants and had a delightful little picnic in the Botanical Gardens.

16 October 2016

Style It. Spring Racing Carnival

Get set to place your bets ladies and gents because hysteria will soon be taking over Melbourne and the rest of the country. With just a few weeks until the Spring Racing Carnival kicks off, it's time to plan those all important outfits.

The savvy racers amongst you will know that each event has a dress code, so I thought I'd provide some pearls of wisdom style on what you should wear to each occasion.

Derby Day
The first event, being Derby Day, is my favourite because it's all about monochrome and who doesn't look good in black and white? If you're stuck for ideas, you can't go wrong with an LBD but if you want to stand out against the sea of black, white head-to-toe is a huge trend this season. This is the most elegant of all the days so keep it classic and leave the sequins and midriffs at home!

13 October 2016

Suitcase. Bathurst, Australia

Please forgive my radio silence over the weekend. I was away in country Bathurst where the scenery was spectacular but the wifi was not.

At a grand total of 10 weeks since my last travelling adventure, you could say I was well-overdue for a trip. Having covered most of Europe in the last 2 years, I'm  ashamed to say I've really not covered much of my own country - Australia. Never matter, it's time to change that.

6 October 2016

Plate Up. Apple & Banana Coconut Crumble

As much as I was hoping for a speedy onslaught of summer, it's still rather chilly here in Melbourne town. And what does one do on a grey windy spring day? Well, some may go shopping, some may head for a cosy wine bar... In my case, I bake.

And what says cosy better than a warm crumble?

2 October 2016

Eat Me. Journeyman, Windsor

I'm slowly settling into my new neighbourhood, getting to know its quirks and finding new and exciting places to explore. It's kind of like a treasure hunt - of the very best kind.

Windsor is quickly becoming a new favourite of mine and it's just a stone's throw from my place. Pass through on a Saturday morning and you'll find it a hive of activity. Cyclists rushing through, yummy mummy's pushing strollers with one hand and carrying bunches of flowers in the other, and trendy Gen Y's queuing for any number of brunch cafes that line Chapel Street.

In our case we were waiting outside Journeyman.

29 September 2016

Must Have. The Everyday Essentials

Not many words today, just the fashion essentials because when it comes down to it you can't go past black and white. If I had to wear one outfit everyday for the rest of my life - work or play, sunshine or clouds - it would probably look something like this...

25 September 2016

Eat Me. Botherambo, Richmond

I’m so pleased to see that there are SO many restaurants already on my wishlist here in Melbourne. Between new openings, pop-ups and staple venues; I’ve got a list as long as my arm to try.

Richmond is a great spot that has surprised me with its offering. Last week, my ballet-dancer-extraordinaire friend was in town so we headed for Swan Street to Botherambo.

22 September 2016

Style It. September Celeb Street Style - NYFW

Now normally my round-ups encompass three of my favourite stylistas from the month, but this month is NYFW which only means one thing in the street style stakes. Olivia Palermo. I tell you what, this girl can do absolutely no wrong.

From show to show, opening to closing party, I sifted through dozens of outfits of hers, each one better than the last, to bring you my three favourites. Damn girl.

18 September 2016

Eat Me. Montereys, South Yarra

I must admit, this post is utterily selfish [or should I say shellfish]? It covers two of my favourite things. Chapel Street and seafood.

Montereys is relatively new in town but it wasn't long before I was casting longing glances at it every time I strolled by.

15 September 2016

Must Have. Interiors Obsessed - Furniture & Homewares

My life has had somewhat of a change of pace since moving back to Australia. One could say, a little less party-hopping, a little more furniture-shopping.

I've found a place to call home but alas it's rather empty [i.e., totally] so I've spent my last few weeks busily dashing about town to find my ideal furniture pieces and stylish homewares. I tell you, it's quite the challenge. But oh it's an enjoyable one.

11 September 2016

Plate Up. Easy Chilli Con Carne

This recipe is a total staple in my house. It's easy, it's delicious and it will ensure you're set for leftovers for many days ahead. What more could you want?

8 September 2016

Eat Me. Top Paddock, Richmond

A burst of sunshine appeared over the weekend which had me skipping into town bright and early. All that excitement triggered quite the hungry tummy so queue brunch at Richmond hotspot, Top Paddock.

4 September 2016

One Day. 5 Things You’ll Learn When You’ve Lived Overseas

I’ll never forget the look on my Mum’s face when I told her I was moving to the other side of the world. Me. The girl who never liked school camp, was afraid of flying and hadn’t been away from home for more than a month at a time.

Let’s just say it was a big step. Huge. In my case I was moving from the quaint, sunny Gold Coast to the blustery, European hub that is London. Talk about total opposites.

1 September 2016

Eat Me. Cochin, Richmond

Hello from Melbourne! I'm busy settling in to my new city of residence. The hustle and bustle [and the chilly weather] reminds me very much of London. There's plenty to organise, I've got to find somewhere to live, buy a car, all those life admin things... But top of my list is finding the best spots to eat! Obviously I have my priorities straight.

I decided to take a wander around Richmond and stumbled upon a hidden gem in Swan Street. Cochin amalgamates two of my favourite cuisines - French and Vietnamese - so I guess you could say they had me at hello.

28 August 2016

Must Have. A Spring Thing

Twas the eve before spring and all through the fashion world, not a creature was stirring except for the stylish girls...

That was pretty good right!?

Either way, it's time to amp up the excitement levels because spring dawns in just a few days and nothing celebrates the prettiest season like a new frock! Whether it's for Melbourne Cup or a garden party, my top four favourites are feminine, floaty and [no, not floral] monochrome! Would you believe it?

25 August 2016

Style It. August Celeb Street Style

There's plenty going on in the world of street style this month. Between summer events and enviable European getaways, the style set have been busy and their wardrobes have too! Check out my round up below for stripes-a-plenty and cheeky shoulder-baring.

21 August 2016

Eat Me. Jimmy Wah's, Gold Coast

After four weeks of jaunting around Europe it's very strange to be back on the Gold Coast. It's almost like I've stepped into a time warp. Not too much has changed here... But I will say there appear to be a few fab new eating hotspots that have opened up, and after spending a week kicking my jetlag I was well and truly hungry for dinner!... Cue Vietnamese at Jimmy Wah's in Burleigh.

18 August 2016

Suitcase. Venice, Italy - Travel Guide

Our final stop on the summer whirlwind adventure was Venice. I was beyond excited to visit this watery wonderland. Isn't it just fascinating that a city was built in the water all those years ago? I think the whole concept is thrilling.

14 August 2016

Eat Me. Nautika, Dubrovnik

I know most of you will agree when I say the best thing about being on holiday is the food. Late breakfasts, club sandwiches for lunch and indulgent dinners.
And boy, have I got one to share with you.

I've had a fair few dinners in my time. 26 years x 365 days. You do the math. But I think that this one is the highlight. Top of the lot. I won't be forgetting my dinner at Nautika in a hurry...

11 August 2016

Suitcase. Dubrovnik, Croatia - Travel Guide

Quite possibly the highlight of my trip, and the spot I was most looking forward to seeing, was Dubrovnik. Not just because we were staying here [jaw drop] but because of all the incredible things I'd heard about this historic city.

7 August 2016

Suitcase. Hvar, Croatia - Travel Guide

Anyone who's done Yacht Week knows that a visit to Croatia wouldn't be complete without a stop-off in Hvar. This shimmering, sparkling island is like a little jewel, about an hour's ferry from Split.

4 August 2016

Suitcase. Krka National Park, Croatia - Travel Guide

A wise prophet once said "don't go chasing waterfalls." Or was it a singer? I'm confused. Either way, I'm not sure I agree because chasing after the waterfalls of Krka National Park in Croatia was one of the highlights of my summer adventure.
Dive in below. Splish, splash...

31 July 2016

Suitcase. Split, Croatia - Travel Guide

After our time on the Amalfi Coast it was time to hop over the Adriatic to Croatia. We based ourselves in the Old Town with its charming stone walls and narrow laneways, where each hidden twist and turn held a new discovery.

28 July 2016

Style It. July Celeb Street Style

We interrupt this travel post showdown for a quick fashion interlude. Take a peek below at all the hottest looks in celebrity-land this July. It's evident cheeky midriffs are in and the shoulder-baring trend hasn't let up yet.

24 July 2016

Suitcase. Capri, Italy - Travel Guide

Being the lover of luxury that I am, I figured no visit to Positano would be complete without a trip over to the island of Capri - playground of the filthy rich and infamously famous. What fun!


21 July 2016

Suitcase. Positano, Italy - Travel Guide

Land of the mountain goat.
Not actual mountain goats silly, I mean me, us, the people visiting. If you've been to Positano you'll know what I mean, if not, simply think of a place with as many stairs as you can possibly imagine, now double that.

But boy oh boy, the view is totally worth it...

17 July 2016

Suitcase. Florence, Italy - Travel Guide

Our visit to Florence was a whirlwind of a few days. With so many sights to see, not to mention all the food we simply had to try, it was a busy, busy time. I almost felt like I needed a holiday afterwards. Ha! - says she still making her way around Continental Europe as we speak. Take a read below for all my top tips on what to see and where to eat.


14 July 2016

Eat Me. Ristoro Di Lamole, Tuscany

There's an age-old saying my Dad likes to quote - if you want a good meal, don't eat anywhere that has a view. Usually he's always right but I think I've found the exception to the rule. Ristoro Di Lamole in Tuscany.


10 July 2016

Suitcase. Tuscany, Italy - Travel Guide

Florence was our base last week and I've got plenty to share on the city, but first I simply had to post about the incredible two days we had driving around Tuscany. What magic. It was like we'd stepped into 'Under The Tuscan Sun'. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine and have a read below; there's plenty of rolling hills, Chianti vines, Tuscan villas and wheat fields. Bellisimo.

7 July 2016

Suitcase. Cinque Terre, Italy - Travel Guide

Cinque Terre or 'the five lands' provides a little taste of the Riviera this side of the Italian border and was the starting point for my 4-week summer adventure. Each of the five villages has a personality all its own. They boast pastel paint jobs and lie perched on cliffs, looming over the edge of the ocean with some of the best views around.

3 July 2016

Eat Me. Vinoteca, Soho

My Italian adventures are well and truly on a roll but I've got one last London post for you, and it's delicious. When you're going away from a city for a while, it certainly creates a very hectic social schedule. There were so many people to catch up before I left London that I found I was simply out to dinner every night in the 2-week lead-up, which was great for my gastronomical adventures but not so great for my bikini body. But never mind that. Nothing a few sit-ups can't fix right?

30 June 2016

Eat Me. Hakkasan, Mayfair

As you can already see on Instagram my summer travels have begun! I am currently swanning my way through Italy enjoying the sunshine and a few too many bowls of pasta. But rewind a week or so and I had a lovely, yet heart-wrenching, farewell dinner with a few of my besties in London as I won't be seeing them for a little while. Our venue of choice? Hakkasan in Mayfair.