29 October 2017

Eat Me. The Darling, Charleston

I bloody-well love seafood. Oysters in particular. I'm such a lover in fact that I don't even eat them with any toppings or vinaigrettes (much to my friends' distaste). Just a squeeze of lemon and I'm in seventh heaven.

Hence why I was on cloud nine in Charleston - what I found to be a veritable seafood seventh heaven. From fresh cockles to crab to lobster. You'll find it all here in the south and its as fresh as can be! After a week here, I found The Darling Oyster Bar to be my favourite.

With a sleek, polished interior, yet a friendly welcoming atmosphere, it suited me down to a tee. I settled at the bar sipping a rose and watching as they shucked fresh oyster after fresh oyster.

The menu here is extensive. If you can think of a seafood delight, chances are they'll have it. But they've also got all the staples you would expect of the south, including a beef burger and fried chicken (of course).

I got a selection of oysters to start, originating from around the country. Some salty, some sweet, some creamy. All very good.

Next some tomato and peach toast to refresh, on what was a very balmy day. Followed by the Creole shrimp and the housemade tagliatelle. [You can take the girl out of Italy but you can't take the love of pasta out of the girl!]

All in all a delightful meal. So much so that I wish The Darling would consider an oyster bar in Melbourne. Now that I'm home I have withdrawals... If you're in Charleston, be sure to pay a visit.

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Photos by Krissie.