29 December 2016

Plate Up. Scallops With Cauliflower Puree & Bacon

I love seafood. Pretty much more than any other food in fact. Which I guess would come in handy if I was ever stranded on a desert island... This dish is often something I order in restaurants so I decided it was time I tried making it myself!

22 December 2016

Style It. Easy Summer Style

Contrary to the rest of the planet – baby, it’s hot outside. Festive season for us in the land of Aus means chic swimwear, effortless maxi dresses, slip-on sandals and wide brimmed hats. Check out my pick of the essentials to set you up for a summer of style.

18 December 2016

Plate Up. Smoked Salmon Blinis

Well, the season of festive parties is well and truly in the swing! Yesterday I hosted a delightful little soiree at my flat and there's no prizes for who can guess what my hors d'oeuvre was! Smoked salmon blinis of course. An absolute go-to in my repertoire, I'm often whipping these up in the kitchen. They're light. They're bite size. And they're totally tasty. Try them for Christmas day, I know you'll love them...

15 December 2016

One Day. The Penguin Expedition At Sydney Aquarium

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

OK, not exactly the address I was off to but close enough. Last weekend during my little Sydney adventure I found myself at the Sydney Aquarium, for the launch of the new Penguin Expedition no less! 

11 December 2016

Suitcase. A Weekend Escape At The Radisson Blu, Sydney

Gosh it felt good to get on a plane again... And off to Sydney nonetheless. It's been nearly 3 years since I last visited and as I glimpsed the bridge flying in it felt like a true welcome back.

I was in town for the Supercar Gala dinner but that didn't mean there wasn't plenty of time to pound the pavements around town.

4 December 2016

Style It. November Celeb Street Style

Well it sounds like the cold weather has struck the northern hemisphere. I heard London had -6 overnight the other day. And just like that, so appears the fur, the leather and the knitwear on the street style set. Read on to see what's hot this month...

1 December 2016

Plate Up. Vanilla & Cinnamon Christmas Cookies

It would seem as though fate doesn't want me to share this recipe with you because after writing and scheduling the entire post - poof! A blogger error made the whole thing disappear. Talk about frustrating. Never matter because it's Christmas and one simply can't be annoyed at this time of year.

I love festive baking. Portions get larger, cakes get more elegantly decorated and the cookies come in delightful shapes and sizes! This little recipe is great to whip up when you'e got guests or to give as little gifts. So go on, off to the kitchen, I bet you've got all the ingredients in your pantry already...