23 May 2019

Suitcase. Oahu Roadtripping Part 1

My mum will attest to the fact that I have very itchy feet when travelling. Never one to just sit and read a book for too long I always feel the need to be out exploring and as such I didn’t want to make the mistake of coming all the way to Hawaii and never leaving Waikiki. The answer? Hire car.

I absolutely love driving when on holiday I think it’s a fantastic way to see and explore places you may not normally see as a tourist.

Day 1 with the car and we were headed east. First stop was Byodo In Temple nestled in the foot of Oahu’s iconic mountains. Actually a replica of the temple in Kyoto by the same name, it is an ode to Hawaii's first Japanese immigrants. Its majesty is obvious as soon as you arrive and only added to by the cloud-topped mountains that loom from behind.

After our dose of Buddist culture, we were headed for the coast. Neighbouring beaches Kailua and Lanikai were our destination. Known for being the most beautiful beaches on the island, they certainly didn’t disappoint with a perfect artist’s palette of blue hues and fine sand. Picturesque beach homes stretch the length of the coast, each more inviting than the next.

From there we headed south for the famed Hanauma Bay, known for its feature in Elvis’ 1961 movie, Blue Hawaii. Entering from the top of the hill you’ll be greeted with a calm bay blue dotted with rocky coral outcrops crafting a sort of watercolour shape.

Known for its snorkeling, expect to see fish, coral and maybe even a seal or two. A word to the wise, if you can bring your own gear I recommend you do so, the prices here are a little steep with entry at $7.50 and snorkel rental at $20.

Thoroughly salty and sated, by sunset we returned to Waikiki ready to do it all again tomorrow...

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Photos by Krissie.