19 October 2017

Suitcase. A Weekend In Cape Cod

Ahhh the famed Cape Cod. A long, sandy peninsula in Massachusetts, renowned for its summer homes and fantastic seafood. Of course I had only impressions from the movies to go off, hence why I wanted to see it for myself. I quickly discovered it is pretty much everything you would imagine...

My visit in late September brought with it a mix of warm and cool days. The scent of sticky salt air followed me around reminding me very much of home. Sandy dunes covered head to toe in seagrass that waved in the breeze featured heavily, and old wooden fences lined each of the paths.

There was a fog that hung in the air relentlessly, but curiously enough, you'd never know where you'd find it. Over a beach there could be perfect blue sky, yet 400m down the road you could find it thick as cotton wool. I'm told it's normal at this time of year.

I based myself in Chatham at the charming Captain's House Inn. This historic home and grounds is beautifully maintained and feels just like a residence, so you could almost fool yourself that you lived there! Each afternoon I took my book into the yard and sat on the little white wooden chairs, happily envisaging myself as a local.

I will say that America sure knows how to do neighbourhoods with style. Cape Cod is brimming with beautiful shingled homes, quaint winding streets and white picket fences. Everywhere really was picture perfect.

With only two days to explore, I ensured I was able to venture the entire length of the cape from Provincetown to Wellfleet and of course a walk along the famed Nauset Beach. That afternoon the beach was shrouded in fog but it made for some spectacular pictures, and I was thrilled to spot a wild seal frolicking in the waves!

A little later back in town I found where the fishing boats come in. If you're in or around Chatham I highly recommend visiting the pier at 5pm. You're guaranteed to see seals! Clever little things, they hover at the back of the boats hoping to catch a stray fish!

Cape Cod was the last stop in my Massachusetts adventures but I must say this state now holds special meaning for me. Its scenery, its people and its towns are truly charming and I can only say I had wonderful experiences. If you're thinking about a trip to the cape for yourself, book your stay here.

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Photos by Krissie.