28 September 2017

Suitcase. Sunseeking In Sicily - Part 2

We quickly discovered that the more we explored Sicily, the more we fell in love. Whilst completely enamoured with our little town of Castellammare del Golfo, each new place we visited, also stole our hearts.

Day 3 was jam-packed and we hit the road early. First stop? San Vito Lo Capo, found at the most northern tip of the island. A postcard paradise, I have no doubt you've seen pictures of the beach before, but what we really loved was the town.

Homes line the streets, each with their own individual sense of style - from crumbling bricks to freshly painted blue doors.

Bougainvillea springs out at regular intervals like wild hair that can't be tamed...

And old-style cinquecentos (Fiat 500s) line the streets, just begging for a picture. I mean how could I resist such a request?...

Onwards and upwards [literally], next we ventured for Erice (pronounced errr-ri-che) a mountain top town about 2,500ft above sea level. We found it in the clouds. Literally.

Up, up, up we drove throughly foggy mist that wouldn't have appeared out of place in a crime novel. When we finally arrived and stepped out of the car we found the temperature had dropped 15 degrees and a light mist touched our skin. It's not always this way but I'm actually glad we visited on the day we did, I certainly won't ever forget it.

On our final Sicilian day we headed east to Cefalu, a renowned seaside town, notable for its beach and ancient village. Winding streets disappear around corners and clean washing lines every balcony. Stone buildings sit beside the seaside and striped umbrellas wave invitingly in the breeze.

After a quick dip and a bite for lunch we headed back west to Palermo, Sicily's capital. A thriving metropolis, it's dirty, noisy, smelly and busy, but it's pretty, bloody marvellous. Particularly as we arrived just as the sun was setting, giving everything a pinky glow.

Locals drive as though there are zero road rules, tourists clamour for pictures, local marketeers shout their wares and stray animals roam the streets. It certainly is a city for the senses and it has some wonderful architecture and monuments to boot.

Don't visit Sicily without seeing it for yourself! I hope you can plan your own trip to the island... My top tips? Gelateria Vernaci in Castellammare del Golfo is the best gelato you'll find, anywhere. ever. And be sure to take out the extra insurance on your rental car. The locals are mad! Other than that, prepare to enjoy some spectacular sunsets...

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Photos by Krissie.