28 August 2016

Must Have. A Spring Thing

Twas the eve before spring and all through the fashion world, not a creature was stirring except for the stylish girls...

That was pretty good right!?

Either way, it's time to amp up the excitement levels because spring dawns in just a few days and nothing celebrates the prettiest season like a new frock! Whether it's for Melbourne Cup or a garden party, my top four favourites are feminine, floaty and [no, not floral] monochrome! Would you believe it?

25 August 2016

Style It. August Celeb Street Style

There's plenty going on in the world of street style this month. Between summer events and enviable European getaways, the style set have been busy and their wardrobes have too! Check out my round up below for stripes-a-plenty and cheeky shoulder-baring.

21 August 2016

Eat Me. Jimmy Wah's, Gold Coast

After four weeks of jaunting around Europe it's very strange to be back on the Gold Coast. It's almost like I've stepped into a time warp. Not too much has changed here... But I will say there appear to be a few fab new eating hotspots that have opened up, and after spending a week kicking my jetlag I was well and truly hungry for dinner!... Cue Vietnamese at Jimmy Wah's in Burleigh.

18 August 2016

Suitcase. Venice, Italy - Travel Guide

Our final stop on the summer whirlwind adventure was Venice. I was beyond excited to visit this watery wonderland. Isn't it just fascinating that a city was built in the water all those years ago? I think the whole concept is thrilling.

14 August 2016

Eat Me. Nautika, Dubrovnik

I know most of you will agree when I say the best thing about being on holiday is the food. Late breakfasts, club sandwiches for lunch and indulgent dinners.
And boy, have I got one to share with you.

I've had a fair few dinners in my time. 26 years x 365 days. You do the math. But I think that this one is the highlight. Top of the lot. I won't be forgetting my dinner at Nautika in a hurry...

11 August 2016

Suitcase. Dubrovnik, Croatia - Travel Guide

Quite possibly the highlight of my trip, and the spot I was most looking forward to seeing, was Dubrovnik. Not just because we were staying here [jaw drop] but because of all the incredible things I'd heard about this historic city.

7 August 2016

Suitcase. Hvar, Croatia - Travel Guide

Anyone who's done Yacht Week knows that a visit to Croatia wouldn't be complete without a stop-off in Hvar. This shimmering, sparkling island is like a little jewel, about an hour's ferry from Split.

4 August 2016

Suitcase. Krka National Park, Croatia - Travel Guide

A wise prophet once said "don't go chasing waterfalls." Or was it a singer? I'm confused. Either way, I'm not sure I agree because chasing after the waterfalls of Krka National Park in Croatia was one of the highlights of my summer adventure.
Dive in below. Splish, splash...