21 September 2017

Suitcase. Provence: Fontaine De Vaucluse, L'Isle Sur La Sorgue & Eygalieres

With quiet sadness, I woke to my last day in stunning Provence. I honestly think you could easily pack up your life and spend 3-6 months living here. I know I could. It really is a region that celebrates all of life's little pleasures; good food, great wine, rendezvous with friends, expansive rolling hills... I would say Provence is good for the soul.

No region is without a little touch of magic and I found Provence's in Fontaine De Vaucluse. Awash with green hues, this village has a stream running through it, set constantly to a fast trickle thanks to its natural spring.

Giant cliffs loom overhead whilst the sun peeks through the dappled leaves. Whilst small in size, it is big in charm.

Neighbouring L'Isle Sur La Sorge is also not to be missed. Somewhat like a little island, it is surrounded by slow waters that amble downstream whilst locals bustle past on their bicycles, baskets laden with fresh groceries.

L'Isle Sur La Sorge is also great for a spot of shopping. There are many très charmant shops here offering local wares, Florel En Provence was one of my favourites selling beautiful teas, herbs and condiments. And if you're a bit of an antique buff, then I'm certain you'll find what you're looking for in the many antique shops.

Last stop for the day was Eygalieres. As this town is nestled just outside the Luberon valley, it has a slightly different feel yet how, I can't seem to explain. Rather than rambling streets, Eygalieres is quite compact, with one main street where cafes and restaurants spill out onto the pavement. Be certain to climb up the hill to see the old church ruins and another breathtaking view across the fields.

I think my visit to Provence is one I'm unlikely to ever forget. There is something about this region that truly captured my interest and aligned with everything I love. I hope you have the opportunity to see it for yourself one day...

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Photos by Krissie.