19 February 2017

One Day. MINI Garage Melbourne Launch

My Friday night in Melbourne was made a little more exciting this weekend by an invitation to an exclusive event... of the MINI variety.

16 February 2017

Eat Me. Gaijin, South Yarra

For those of you who live/work in and around the city, boy have I got a treat to share with you. This week I discovered an absolute gem of a restaurant, it’s the perfect spot for when you feel like a cheap and cheerful meal. AND, it’s Japanese, my favourite. I know right!...

Welcome to Gaijin.

9 February 2017

Must Have. Valentine's Day

Ahhh the Hallmark holiday. When it comes to Valentine's Day, it means something different to everyone; mostly circumstantial of course. There are those singletons who feel alone and miserable. There are those who are all loved up and think of it as a day of indulgence. And then there are those who are indifferent and really couldn't give two hoots...

5 February 2017

Eat Me. The Australian Open & Poké Me

This post is terribly overdue, but bear with me and cast your mind back to a couple of weeks ago when a little thing called The Australian Open was in town.

A time when tennis royalty can be found roaming East Melbourne, Channel 7 is completely overtaken and the beverage of choice is an Aperol Spritz. Really, it's a great time of year.

2 February 2017

One Day. The Best Fitness Intro Offers In Melbourne

I'm notoriously sporadic at exercise. I'll get super into running for 6 weeks, then won't go again for 6 months. I'll join social tennis for a season, then never go back. I'll hit the gym every night for a week, then throw in the towel.

Honestly, I'm the worst.

I think I've simply got to put it down to my Gemini personality; I get sick of things quickly, I'm always seeking some new and exciting challenge...

27 January 2017

Must Have. Bags Under $500

People are always asking me about bags, and the most common theme is probably those wanting to upgrade and buy something quality without breaking the bank and going to the designer extreme.

Fortunately, I'm a bit of a bag queen myself [and shoes and purses... well just accessories in general!], so I can say with confidence that there are some really stylish options around right now. From sophisticated and classic to bold and unique; some brands are putting their own spin on designer looks, whilst others are going completely their own way. From oversized satchels to polished midsize bags, with plenty of splashy summer colours, I'm loving all of these. And, they're all under $500.

22 January 2017

Suitcase. Mount Martha Beach

I stumbled upon a little slice of heaven today. Beachy heaven that is... after all, there's no better kind. Crystal blue waters, golden sand, rugged cliffs and cityscape views. Even better, it's right in the heart of the Mornington Peninsular. Whoever said Melbourne doesn't have good beaches clearly didn't do their research...

19 January 2017

Eat Me. Charlie Dumpling, Windsor

I'm never one to say no to a dumpling... and I'm guessing neither are you. So I think you're going to like this place.

Sitting amongst Chapel St's endless dining choices, you'll find Charlie Dumpling on High St. Reasonably surreptitious from the front, step inside and you'll find this hotspot packed with personality. From wooden shutters to bold, bright artwork; in a word it's vibrant.