27 May 2019

Suitcase. Oahu Roadtripping Part 2

Day 2 with the car and can you guess where we were headed? Why the North Shore of course! Having worked at Billabong many moons ago I was well familiar with the waves of the region and its easy going lifestyle.

23 May 2019

Suitcase. Oahu Roadtripping Part 1

My mum will attest to the fact that I have very itchy feet when travelling. Never one to just sit and read a book for too long I always feel the need to be out exploring and as such I didn’t want to make the mistake of coming all the way to Hawaii and never leaving Waikiki. The answer? Hire car.

16 May 2019

Eat Me. Dining Delights In Waikiki

Being an avid lover of poke bowls, I was looking forward to trying the real deal in Hawaii, that and so much more. From light island Japanese-inspired cuisine to more stereotypical American burgers and fries. Whatever your tastes, you’ll find something here in Waikiki.

14 May 2019

Suitcase. Welcome To Waikiki

It’s been a long time between travelling adventures for me. As a self-confessed wanderluster, going 18 months without a long haul flight is surely an [unwanted] record in these last few years.

But here we are. A new adventure under my belt and I can’t wait to share it with you. Read on for part 1 of my Hawaiian adventures... aloha.

16 January 2019

Suitcase. Travel Tips: The Best Flights To Book

Living in Europe really did teach me how to be a savvy traveller. Between working full-time, freelance travel writing, and trying to squeeze in a leisure or a work trip, I didn’t have any choice other than to be smart with my adventures.

In 2 years I think I took something like 125 flights. Some trips were for less than 48hrs, fly after work Friday night and jet home late Sunday eve. The time constraints made it so important for me to make the most of my time in my destination. How? Well, choosing your flight time is crucial.

I was pretty much always on the first or last flight of the day. A dawn flight was always the best option out of London on a Saturday morning (don’t cringe, I’m about to explain why!), whilst coming home, anything after 7pm was preferred. In Australia, the same deal applies. Why? Watch (or should I say, read) and learn…

10 December 2018

Eat Me. Au79, Abbotsford

If you find yourself with a rumbling tummy around breakfast time, I have just the spot to share! Take yourself for a little adventure to Abbotsford, past the grungy factories and along the picket-fenced streets right to the door of Au79.

30 November 2018

Must Have. Summer Reads

I'm an avid book reader. Always have been. Way back in Year 2 I remember winning the reading award, having read more than double the amount of books of anyone else in my class! What can I say? I started early.

With summer's arrival tomorrow comes many beach days, and what do beach days call for? Why a good book of course! Check out some of my favourites that I've read lately...

28 August 2018

Must Have. 3 Spring Summer Trends To Invest In This Season

With only a few days until spring dawns here in Australia (can I get thank goodness!?), I’m celebrating by sharing some of my favourite new season trends from the beauty and fashion worlds. So wave goodbye to winter and get set for sunnier skies with these trending favourites.