27 May 2019

Suitcase. Oahu Roadtripping Part 2

Day 2 with the car and can you guess where we were headed? Why the North Shore of course! Having worked at Billabong many moons ago I was well familiar with the waves of the region and its easy going lifestyle.

Whilst the east coast of Oahu has a refined sense of beauty, the north shore is like its wilder, untamed sister. Related by blood but not in personality.

The hour drive from Waikiki is easy enough and will take you straight up through the centre of the island. Towns soon give way to sprawling pineapple fields before you pop out the other end on a seaside road.

Whilst there weren’t the waves of December, you can still sense the ferocity of the ocean at Banzai Pipeline where the deep inky blue washes back and forth with a certain attitude.

The coastline up here is a lot more rugged so expect more wind and larger swell whatever beach you stop at. Waimea Bay is relatively calmer and worth a dip if you’re tempted.

When you’ve worked up an appetite, be sure to stop by Aji Limo food truck at Shark’s Bay for some of the island’s best (and most generous servings) of poke.

And, don't miss the beach at Haleiwa. If you’re lucky, as we were, you might spot a green turtle on the sand like this sleeping fellow. I couldn’t believe my eyes, thinking surely he was a statue at first!

And so that was it... our roadtrips and holiday had come to an end. We flew home with smiling faces, minds full of memories and sun-kissed skin. Aloha Hawaii, you were a delight.

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Photos by Krissie.