3 October 2017

One Day. Picnicing In Regent's Park

Returning to London after the European sun, there was a noticeable autumnal snap in the air; the kind that calls for you to abandon your skirts and dresses in favour of something a little cosier. Whilst the air was crisp, the sun was bright, so I figured, what better day for a picnic?...

And who better to join me than my friend Sophia and her furry companion. I'm mad about dogs, so the idea of Amy the adorable retriever joining us for a day in the sun, made me ecstatic. We packed a little brunch, strictly healthy of course [ahem], and headed for one of my London favourites - Regent's Park.

An elegant tree stump made for a great table. We dug into the delights whilst Amy happily settled for her own 'dish of the day'... a stick.

Then, deciding we'd all be more comfortable lying on the grass we nestled in together, lying back to watch the clouds. Only looking up occasionally when a playful pooch, or in my case a dapper fellow, came bounding past. [Note: the 'bounding' is only relevant in the case of the pooches, not the fellows.]

Amy, somewhat shy and extremely docile, sometimes needed a little encouragement to go and play, but I was happy to assist...

After we'd gorged ourselves on treats, we strolled back through Marylebone for a spot of window shopping and a bookshop discovery - my new favourite!

All-in-all, a paw-fect day out.

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Photos by Krissie.