17 September 2017

Suitcase. Provence: St Saturnin Les Apt, Roussillon & Goult

Day three arrived and I headed east to St Saturnin Les Apt to check out their local market. This old town is brimming with personality; like a wise grandparent who, despite their age, still oozes style.

Each laneway offered its own charm, from creeping vines to peeling shutters, to a view across the fields. Its quiet elegance certainly made it one of my favourites in the region.

I arrived mid-morning to find the village already full of locals buying fresh produce from some of the prettiest stalls I've seen. After meandering amongst the French and buying more fruit than I could possibly ever expect to eat, I jumped back in the car and headed for nearby Roussillon.

Roussillon is really special. It's almost as if, when the region was formed, someone said 'it needs some colour!' and so they sloshed a bucket of red over Roussillon. The red? Ochre. The area has incredible ochre deposits within its clay, making the area a brilliantly, bold dusky hue that varies from bright lipstick red to a soft pink true of the best rosé. Provincial blue shutters contrast the warm tones, perfectly framing each house.

Situated on a ridge, you'll find the old ochre quarry below but rather than get dusty in the heat, I quickly found myself lost in the many charming streets, struggling to decide which dusky pink home was my favourite!

By now, the early afternoon sun had me dreaming of a dip in the pool, but I couldn't head back home without a stop in charming little Goult. Virtually untouched by tourists, this town is the authentic Provence, according to locals.

I wandered the village without seeing another soul, except for the occasional kitten. Yet I knew people were home, I could hear their French conversations wafting out the windows like scent on a breeze.

If you want the real deal Provence, this is where you need to come. But shhh, we don't want to ruin the secret...

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Photos by Krissie.