28 April 2016

Style It. April Celeb Street Style

It's always about this time each year that I feel like summer is close enough to go out and buy some warmer weather items [despite the sprinkle of snow we had on Tuesday!]. Admittedly in London they still need some layering, but it signals a wardrobe changeover none-the-less. When looking for inspiration, these three ladies are my go-to. Check out their best street style looks from this month.

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24 April 2016

Suitcase. Corfu, Greece - Travel Guide

Ever since my first visit to Greece last summer, this southern corner of Europe has held a piece of my heart. Daily, I relive the memories of vibrant sunshine, clear seas and new landscapes. Hence why I was thrilled to return to the isles this spring - the Ionian Island of Corfu was my destination.

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21 April 2016

One Day. Relaxation at Spa London, Kensington

London makes me feel like a bit of an energiser bunny. What with work and play, honestly it's just always go-go-go in this city.

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17 April 2016

Plate Up. Apple, Blackberry & Caramel Crumble

It feels like crumble weather to me. You know that in-between stage where it's not hot but it's not cold, when you feel like a dessert that's cosy yet fresh with springy berries.

This little baby is the answer. And the generous dollops of caramel make it irresistible. It's sure to gain you plenty of brownie crumble points.
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14 April 2016

Must Have. 3 Fashion Items That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Never one to buy into fads, I've always been about the fashion investment pieces in life. The classics. The staples. It's no wonder the designer world has such appeal to me. The French greats, the Italian premium wares - these brands sure know how to design and create a piece with lasting power. From Chanel to Louis Vuitton - check out the 3 fashion items that have stood the test of time...

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10 April 2016

Eat Me. Sketch, Mayfair London

It has taken me 20 months of living in London to make it to Sketch. To be honest, that is probably 20 months too long. Possibly the most famous dining institution in London, Sketch is simply not to be missed. The interior, food, service and general atmosphere is next level.

Entering the foyer felt like I'd fallen down Alice's rabbit hole; quirky fixtures, bold artwork and a hopscotch greeted me.

7 April 2016

Style It. March Celeb Street Style

Time to remove those coats - spring is in the air. This month the street style set showed us it's all about lightweight layers for a chic ensemble. Easy and effortless, these thrown-together looks are where it's at.

Gigi's street style has been so on-point these last few weeks, this round-up could easily have been soley about her. Love this laidback look, perfect for Sunday brunching. You can't beat neutral tones and boyfriend jeans.

This chic mumma knows how to do off-duty dressing in style. Love the layered blazer and coat combo that Jessica Alba is working. The shoe adds urban polish, as does the limited edition Dior bag.

Girlfriend of hearthrob Jesse Metcalf, Cara Santana looks seriously stylish in this poncho and denim shorts combination. The knee-high socks add a bit of Carrie Bradshaw-esque style cred, while the polished leather backpack finishes the look.

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Photos via Pinterest and retailers.

3 April 2016

Suitcase. Neuschwanstein, Germany - Travel Guide

At just 8 years old I discovered that Walt Disney's castle was inspired by Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. 18 years later I found myself climbing the road to this magnificent, dream-like castle. My fairytale was right in front of me.

Located in the very southern region of Germany, Neuschwanstein is truly a sight to behold yet despite its grand romanticist exterior, the castle is only a third complete on the inside. Constructed over 17 years, it was King Ludwig's castle, a man fascinated with the fantastical and dream-like. Yet his untimely death aged just 42 caused all construction to cease in 1886. The castle would never be finished.

It has fascinated me to no end over all these years that such a beautiful and iconic building holds mainly ghostly rooms and empty halls. It's beautiful yet sad, as the best romantic tales often are.

Nestled in the mountains, Neuswanstein looms over the valley above the town of Schwangau. I'd driven from Tegernsee to reach it and as I first rounded the corner and caught sight of it tears certainly pricked my eyes. It was something I'd waited so long to see and it truly was breath-taking.

Up I climbed (the road is 1 mile and steep so bring good walking shoes), the higher I got the clearer the air became, the anticipation bubbled like nervous excitement as it peered at me through the trees.

Finally I was there. The sheer scale is difficult to comprehend until you see it. No wonder it took 17 years to complete this much.

Tours operate inside covering the rooms that were completed. Sadly pictures inside are forbidden so you'll have to use your imagination. The grandeur is unthinkable. It's clear no expense was spared. Within the King's bedroom the woodwork carvings are so intricate it took 14 workers, 4 years to complete. One room! There's also a faux drip stone cave and even a conservatory just off his private quarters.

If ever Prince Charming comes a calling and my fairytale comes to life then this is a place I'd love to call home.

And they lived happily ever after...

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Photos by Krissie.