10 December 2017

Eat Me. Rooftop Brunch at Zephyr, Sydney

Waking up in a king size bed [tangled in some of the softest sheets] overlooking Darling Harbour was a real treat last weekend. And the day was only going to get better... It was time for brunch, on a rooftop nonetheless.

If you live in Sydney and haven't yet been to Zephyr, then I'll forgive your ignorance just this once. Whether for Sunday brunch, weekday wines or weekend celebrations - this rooftop venue, nestled at the top of the Hyatt Regency, cannot be overlooked.

I hear their cocktails are exceptional, but that's another story. I was there to try their Sunday brunch. The verdict? It was bloody good.

Almost somewhat like a breakfast-y degustation, prepare to save space for multiple courses. Things kick-off [as all brunches should] with a glass of Moët & Chandon rosè.

From there it was a little treat to tantalise the taste buds; yoghurt, fresh berries and granola...

Before we were let loose on the brunch table! From meats to cheeses, fresh seafood to fruit, there was a plethora to choose from. Still, don't go crazy, because the main dish is still to come!

Choose from poached eggs and potato rosti or French toast. Don't worry, they're more like sample sizes, rather than an entire dish.

From there you can move onto tea, coffee and pastries - if you have the space! All whilst taking in the breathtaking surrounds of Darling Harbour. I mean really, it's a spectacular way to spend a Sunday...

Send me a snap if you go and tell me what you thought. Book here - agood option for a pre-Christmas get together perhaps?

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Photos by Krissie.