24 August 2017

Suitcase. A Whitstable Weekend

Let's be honest. We're pretty spoilt for beaches in Australia but that didn't mean I didn't snap up the opportunity to head to the British seaside whilst I'm here. Having already done the southern coast around Brighton, this time a trip out to the east was in order. Where? Whistable of course!

With a darling name that reminds me of something you might have to repeat over and over in elocution class, Whitstable is charming, tiny and brimming with seafood. Originally a fishing town, one look at the main street and you'll see it has certainly held onto its traditional charms over the years.

We were amazed to find some truly tiny doorways that even our 5'7'' statures had to duck to enter! The Brits really must have been miniature back in the day...

The main street is Harbour St, boasting colourful shops, miniature cafes and plenty of options for fish and chips. Amongst them you'll find Wheelers Oyster Bar - established in 1856! We stopped in for some oysters, meanwhile the locals came and went, grabbing their own delights to take away. Cockles, mussels, prawns and more are scooped into little polystyrene cups which the locals happily munch out of as they wander home. I thought it was simply the cutest thing!

Really, seafood is the crowning glory of this little town. You can see it caught fresh off the boat with fisherman shucking oysters in front of your eyes. Can you believe that archaeology even shows there were oysters harvested here in Roman times! I daresay it looks a little different now...

We wandered the seafront with the mixture of salt, fish and sea breeze wafting against our noses feeling utterly sated from a selection of crab sandwiches, hot chips and prawns throughout the day. The best kind of lunch for a day spent by the seaside.

Then, before we knew it, it was time to turn back towards the train station and head back to the big smoke. This little town is a delightful place to spend a day or a weekend, and being a mere hour away from London I'd say a visit is a piece of [fish] cake!

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Photos by Krissie.