22 October 2017

Suitcase. Dreaming In The City That Never Sleeps, NYC

They say that New Yorkers love talking about New York... So that must make me one too because I literally haven't stopped babbling about it since my most recent visit last month. The third in what I must now call a true trifecta!

It's no secret that New York is a veritable source of inspiration; there's action a-plenty, overwhelming sights and sounds, and a sense of romance... not to mention the fascinating people of the city. I really do think it's the best place for some people-watching. My favourite past time!

Having already ticked off most of the tourist hotspots on my last two visits. This time I visited with one purpose in mind. To live life as a local. And where better to stay and feel like a true Manhattanite than Greenwich Village of course!? Home to leafy streets, quaint cafes and the very charming Walker Hotel.

Tucked away in my 14th floor room, I had a spectacular view of the skyline. The rooms themselves have a fabulous art deco theme and the breakfast here is second-to-none. No horrible buffet, you can order straight from the menu with everything from eggs and smoked salmon to pancakes bursting with berries.

We flitted up and downtown taking in the best the city had to offer. From the magnificence of Central Park and The Met (which has a spectacular rooftop you shouldn't miss!)...

To the hustle and bustle of Midtown...

To the artistic inclinations of shopping-haven Soho...

And even the raucous cheering of Yankee Stadium. I highly recommend a trip to the baseball - it is just such fun!

This trip I finally made it over to explore Brooklyn and much to my delight, I found it to be just like Melbourne. Eclectic, creative and brimming with foodie hotspots.

Throughout the course of the week I was treated to more spectacular sunsets than I can recall. Many of them witnessed at rooftop bars. Le Bain At The Standard and Jimmy At The James were my favourites.

And on my last day, for something a bit different, I decided to take the ferry over to Staten Island. Passing the famed Lady Liberty on the way and being treated to the most spectacular view of FiDi - that's city lingo for Financial District. Who's a local now, hey? hey?

Every time I visit NYC I fall in love all over again. There's just something about the raptures I feel for cities and travel... I'm beginning to think I'll find that a city is my soulmate, rather than a person!

After a whirlwind week it was time to say goodbye to New York, but, being a favourite of mine, I have no doubt I'll see you soon...

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Photos by Krissie.