1 February 2018

Must Have. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Apologies for the very long hiatus. What can I say?... Well I'll tell you the truth.

Firstly, summer here has been so amazing that I've been attempting to be outdoors at every possible opportunity rather than working away inside.

Secondly, something has clicked for me lately and I've really started to believe it is so bad to spend your whole life staring at technology and screens. So I've been trying to make a conscious effort not to check my phone every 2 minutes, not to Google every little random life question I think of [what sound does a panda make?], and not too binge on too much Netflix. [With the exception of The Sinner - that I highly recommend!].

But what better thing to draw me back for a blog post than Valentine's Day! And not because I'm all lovey dovey, but because I love shopping, delicious dinners, red roses and gift ideas!... So without further adieu, whether you're buying for him, for her or even a treat for yourself, check out my top picks for Valentine's Day gifting this year. Lots of love...