14 December 2017

Eat Me. Lunching With A View At Park Hyatt Sydney

To dine at Sydney's Park Hyatt certainly puts you in good company. Frequented by celebrities, dignitaries and prominent figures alike, it's no secret why they go...

It really is the best.

With its enviable view of the Opera House and its prime location nestled under the Harbour Bridge, this hotel's magnificence speaks for itself... But I got to experience it for myself last weekend, and despite the fact that it was a rainy, dreary Monday, The Dining Room at Park Hyatt still glinted with promise.

We settled into a our window-side table and eagerly took in the menu options before us. If you have time, the set lunch menu here is a fantastic option. At $42, $62 or $72 for one, two or three courses, and with an included glass of wine on weekdays, you're certain to be satisfied.

We were served by the most delightful, knowledgable staff, who carefully guided our choices to ensure we would 'mmmm' and 'ahhhh' over our food. And we certainly did.

First up we started with a lovely little amuse bouche of pickled vegetables and goats cheese.

For entrees we chose oysters and burrata with figs. Delicate and light - the perfect way to kick-off.

Next, we were both taken by the crisipy skinned snapper served with stuffed courgette flower and a pea broth. An absolute triumph.

Split in our love of sweet things, we tried the mille-feuille with mango and passionfruit and the chocolate cake for dessert. Needless to say we polished them both off swiftly!

A truly memorable dining experience, and some of the best food I've had lately, if you find yourself in Sydney looking for lunch, you really can't beat this. As an added bonus Park Hyatt also offers complimentary valet parking when you dine on weekdays. Book here.

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Photos via retailers.