19 November 2017

One Day. What's In My Bag...

It's been one crazy week. Jetting around for meetings, completing freelance work, pitching for more, seeing friends and family, attending events, hosting a dinner party... oh and putting up the Christmas tree - did you see it on my Instagram story? I feel mid-November is a totally acceptable time to start the festivities that I enjoy so much.
Don't judge.

It feels like I've crammed a month into the last 5 days. Dashing around has certainly kept me busy and when you're on the go you need all the essentials to hand. I'm a sucker for carrying a big bag with half my life in it. Here's a peek at the items you're sure to always find in my bag...

Wallet - I invested in this Prada one two years ago and have never looked back. It's large enough to hold my myriad of cards and the textured calf leather is tough enough to withstand being tossed around in my tote.

Sunglasses - Since I tend to change my sunnies up every couple months I've never opted for a designer pair - otherwise I'd be broke! I find ASOS has great designs like these at fantastic price points so you don't have to feel guilty buying another pair each season.

Perfume - This British scent is my absolute all-time favourite. It's very light so I tend to carry it around to respritz during the day.

Lipstick/Lip Balm - Particularly now that summer's here I find covering my lips is essential. This Elizabeth Arden balm is the best I've ever found for keeping my lips moisturised and stopping chapping.

Phone - Well this just goes without saying. As terrible as it is, there are few moments in the day when my phone isn't glued to my hand. It has my email, socials, camera, photo editing, music, Google Docs and business hub. Told you. Essential.

Diary - I'm proud to say I still carry around an actual paper diary. Old habits die hard right? But I really do like it so much better than a digital calendar, it feels more substantial. I've already got mine for 2018.

Camera - You never know when you might find the opportunity for the perfect picture, and whilst the iPhone camera is great I mainly rely on my Canon to shoot for the blog and also for my own momentos.

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Photos by Krissie.