19 February 2017

One Day. MINI Garage Melbourne Launch

My Friday night in Melbourne was made a little more exciting this weekend by an invitation to an exclusive event... of the MINI variety.

16 February 2017

Eat Me. Gaijin, South Yarra

For those of you who live/work in and around the city, boy have I got a treat to share with you. This week I discovered an absolute gem of a restaurant, it’s the perfect spot for when you feel like a cheap and cheerful meal. AND, it’s Japanese, my favourite. I know right!...

Welcome to Gaijin.

9 February 2017

Must Have. Valentine's Day

Ahhh the Hallmark holiday. When it comes to Valentine's Day, it means something different to everyone; mostly circumstantial of course. There are those singletons who feel alone and miserable. There are those who are all loved up and think of it as a day of indulgence. And then there are those who are indifferent and really couldn't give two hoots...

5 February 2017

Eat Me. The Australian Open & Poké Me

This post is terribly overdue, but bear with me and cast your mind back to a couple of weeks ago when a little thing called The Australian Open was in town.

A time when tennis royalty can be found roaming East Melbourne, Channel 7 is completely overtaken and the beverage of choice is an Aperol Spritz. Really, it's a great time of year.

2 February 2017

One Day. The Best Fitness Intro Offers In Melbourne

I'm notoriously sporadic at exercise. I'll get super into running for 6 weeks, then won't go again for 6 months. I'll join social tennis for a season, then never go back. I'll hit the gym every night for a week, then throw in the towel.

Honestly, I'm the worst.

I think I've simply got to put it down to my Gemini personality; I get sick of things quickly, I'm always seeking some new and exciting challenge...