15 October 2017

Suitcase. Marvelling At Marblehead, Massachusetts

It's quite funny how I came to be in Marblehead; a town which few outside of Massachusetts have actually heard of. It pretty much happened because of a finger-map scenario. You know, where you take a map and point to a random place. After being in Boston I knew I would have a few days before I needed to be down in New York and after looking at the state map Marblehead stuck out at me. After a little research, and discovering it was a historical fishing town with ample colonial homes, I was sold!

Marblehead's streets are lined with the kind of character-filled homes you would expect of any American seaside location. Each property features a plaque detailing the building's history; who it was built for and their profession.

Many of these homes were built in the 1600 and 1700s for local fisherman and it's incredible to see how the town has maintained its seaside charm today. Every home, every shop, every building is beautifully maintained and there's an array of colours; from sunshine yellow to seaside blue.

American flags hang with pride, window boxes overflow with blooms and squirrels scamper happily around every corner. I must also say, never have I seen so many hydrangeas.

In the harbour you'll find boats bobbing in the bay as though patiently waiting for their next jaunt out to sea...

I based myself in the centre of the historic town at the Harbor Light Inn. An utterly charming B&B befitting of the area, boasting its own unique history, gardens worthy of a postcard and a truly exceptional breakfast.

It made the perfect base for town wanderings. What really struck me about Marblehead was the locals, they're all so happy, so smiling. I daresay that in 48 hours I met more friendly locals then I could say I've met in 6 months worth of travels. It's clear they love their life here... they must realise they lucked out on the location.

I had two wonderful dinners at Maddy's Sail Loft, where I was quickly befriended by the bartenders and locals alike. Their seafood dishes here are simply fantastic and their cocktails pack a real punch.

Of course a visit to this historic seaside town wouldn't be complete without seeing its renowned neighbour... For all that Marblehead is charming, neighbouring Salem is spooky. Well known for its history of witch hysteria, I felt I couldn't visit the region without a peek. The architecture is as you would expect; full of gabled homes, and the graveyard bears the names of those who passed away right back to the 1600s. It's extremely interesting. Shops professing magic and witchcraft are a-plenty, but I dared not step inside. Call me superstitious.

If you're planning a visit to the area, book your own stay at Harbor Light Inn for some true seaside charm. This unassuming place, certainly left quite the impression on me and I'm so glad I paid a visit.

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Photos by Krissie.