30 July 2017

One Day. Exploring Yarra Valley With BMW

Growing up in a family associated with the car business, I’ve had the opportunity to drive many vehicles in my time. Some good, some bad, some even requiring a push start, but that’s another story… One thing’s for certain [and a surprise to many people], I’m definitely a bit of a rev head. I LOVE a good set of wheels. It makes every excursion like a little adventure.

Last weekend, I got to enjoy a big adventure with BMW. To celebrate their current promotion on the X5 30D I got to take one for a spin. My destination? The Yarra Valley. After waking to a particularly grey morning, I was itching to escape the city for a dose of the countryside. In we hopped and away we went and my, what a ride it was.

The technology advancements in cars these days absolutely blows my mind. Of course there are the nice little comforts like seat warmers, automatic lights and rain-sensing wipers. The X5 had it all. But it had so many little extras as well! There was integration with Google Maps that shows you where your car is parked, a holographic speedometer so you never have to take your eyes off the road, and even an incredible top-view camera with a 360 degree surround view that shows your car’s positioning when parking to give you an idea of space.

Told you. Amazing!

It made the hour’s drive simply breeze past and before we knew it we were out amongst the green countryside, passing fields of cows, sheep and neat tree-lined drives.

When the whether permitted we cracked open the sun roof and when it didn’t, we luxuriated in our toasty leather seats, stopping now and then to snap pictures of the rolling hills and neat grape vines.

We stopped in for a tasting at Helen & Joey Estate. This delightful winery is tucked away off the highway sitting atop the hills. With a few delightful drops to choose from as well as a unicorn for a mascot, I highly recommend a visit.

We sated our grumbling tummies at Meletos, which I’ve told you about before. Remember the incredible goats cheese? We had it again, of course! Before spending the afternoon in Healesville, including a walk atop the dam.

All in all, these weekend wheels made for a fantastic roadtrip. If you’re interested in trying out the X5 30D for yourself then talk to the team at BMW Melbourne. Their current promotion on the model includes several free upgrades: M-Sport pack/innovation package, metallic paint, panoramic glass sunroof and 4 year service package. I mean really, how could you say no?...

Stay tuned, there's more to come from Yarra Valley...

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Photos by Krissie.