1 October 2017

Suitcase. Bologna & Modena, Italy

By the time we'd wrapped up in Sicily, I'm fairly certain the 4 of us had eaten enough to feed a family of 10... But oh what trouble I was in because where was I off to next? Bologna and Modena - only Italy's food capitals. But my, it certainly was heavenly...

I'm not going to lie, I've had mixed results with food when in Italy previously. For a place that is supposed to be so spectacularly delicious, I've often found it hit and miss... That all changed with this latest visit - it was 100% perfection!

Sitting within the Emilia-Romagna region, I found both Bologna and Modena to be utterly charming. With all the history and architecture of the bigger cities like Florence, yet none of the awful touristy feeling, you're free to wander and soak up the traditions like a local without being trampled by crowds and worrying about maps.

There's no manic hustle and bustle, the streets are wide and open, the cafes plentiful and the city sounds moderated to a quiet hum. What really sold it to me was the locals. They seem so happy, cycling past on their bicycles with baskets laden with groceries, or reclining at the curb-side cafes sipping a macchiato. Just like Provence, the evidence of 'life pleasure' here is fantastic.

In Bologna I visited the Sette Chiese (the seven churches)...

And climbed le due torri for some spectacular views...

I also spent many-an-hour and many-a-euro in the markets, literally drooling over all the fresh food. Honestly, I've never had better cheese, meat or pasta. The produce here is at another level. And the wine's pretty fantastic too!

In Modena I took a day trip out to a parmigiano reggiano factory to learn how it is made - I'll always appreciate it more now that's for sure, it literally takes years!

And back in Modena itself I admired the many beautiful buildings. For an Italian city, Modena is very pristine, the streets are well-kept and the buildings are worthy of a picture book.

Next time you find yourself in Italia, I recommend you forget the traditional hotspots and go a little further off the beaten track. The Emilia-Romagna region certainly doesn't disappoint and I have no doubt your stomach will agree!

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Photos by Krissie.