28 February 2014

One Day. QT Fashion Week 2014 Schedule

Feast your eyes fashion lovers... QT Fashion Week has just announced their 2014 schedule for the event in May. And let me tell you, this won't just be your ordinary fashion week; not only is it the perfect weekend to indulge your greatest love in all its new season forms, but each parade comes with a whole accompanying event. Read on for the details...

Face of QT Fashion Week 2014 - Silka Kurzak

The event kicks off on Friday 30th May with a runway event under the stars showcasing the very best swimwear designs. Think gorgeous bodies, starry skies, chilled champagne and elaborate canap├ęs.

No time for a champagne headache because on the morning of Saturday 31st May there's a morning tea with a difference. Bounce back with champagne on arrival and a delightful high tea whilst you view the best up and coming designers in QT's Grand Ballroom. That evening is the main event; the Gala Designer Dinner. Spend your evening dining around the runway, enjoying exquisite food [and more Veuve!] while your favourite designers present their latest masterpieces. This really is a complete evening of entertainment that is sure to inspire the senses.

To wrap up the event, on Sunday 1st June join the ultimate fashionista's morning tee at QT Fashion Day Out where you can indulge in a few little luxuries including runway shows, speciality pop-up stores, complimentary blow-dries, make-up touch-ups and manicures, all while [you guessed it] sipping more Veuve. Ahh it's a tough life for a fashionista.

The event is boosting some pretty exciting sponsors this year including Gold Coast Airport, Robina Town Centre, Veuve Cliquot and GCVIP. So prepare yourself for plenty of fashion, champagne and shoulder-rubbing with the Gold Coast elite. I'm pretty excited, if I do say so myself.

Purchase your tickets now from QT Fashion Week.

Photos courtesy of QT Fashion Week.

26 February 2014

Style It. Daytime Basics

This style is probably my go-to-never-fail outfit of choice for daywear. Blue jeans, white t-shirt, neutral accessories; how can you go wrong? I'm so in love with these jeans; the washed blue is such a great colour and I love the distressed details, not to mention their perfect fit - not too loose and not too tight, and they don't warp out of shape. Best pair I've bought in a while and they're from Billabong would you believe, better get in quick before they disappear. I've teamed them with my trusty basic tee from Witchery and my Tony Bianco sandals.

All eyes on my new bag! Don't you just love it. I bought it over the weekend for bargain price of $49.99; very fair I thought from Forever New. It was just what I was looking for - a neutral tan tote for everyday use with some flashy details i.e., the gold features. Totally in love with it.

Night Hawks Jean by Billabong ($99.99), Cotton Basic V-Neck Tee by Witchery ($39.95), Sandals by Tony Bianco and Serena Day Bag by Forever New ($49.99)

What's your go-to outfit for daytime?

Photos by Krissie.

24 February 2014

Must Have. Lust-worthy Shoes

I have a real weakness for shoes, there's just something about them. I love their design, shape, colours, what style they represent and that feeling of delight when you put them on and they look fantastic. Shoe shopping just makes me happy. In my future home I'm going to need a wardrobe a la Carrie Bradshaw; complete with feature shoe racks. To indulge your shoe-delight, I thought I'd compile together my tops picks for this season (at reasonable price points so they are actually achievable); here are the shoes that give me the warm and fuzzies.

1. Shanini Wedges by Shoedazzle $19.95 [save]
2. Shavonna Heels by Scene $19.95 [save]
3. Silver Spliced Dani Sneaker by Sportsgirl $39.95 [save]
4. Kristin Cavallari "Cassie" Over the Knee Boot by Chinese Laundry $355 [splurge]
5. Rocio Flats by Beau+Ashe $19.95 [save]
6. Leola Heels by Tony Bianco $159.95 [worthy investment]

Photo by Krissie.

21 February 2014

Style It. White & Gold

 Dress by Pixie, Necklace by Lovisa, Shoes by Tony Bianco

We all know I love my monochrome colours; here I am in my second favourite - white. Mix this shade back with some metallic accessories and I think you've got the perfect colour combo, not to mention it's sure to enhance your tan! I opted for a longer fine necklace to draw the eye down and these flat gold sandals.

Photos by Krissie.

19 February 2014

One Day. A day in the life

I've had a few of you lovely readers email me lately asking all sorts of questions. It's so great to see that you're interested and involved in my blog and my life so I thought I'd share another personal little snippet with you; a day in the life of me. I thought this would be a great way for you to get to know me better and also I figure it will make a great thing for me to look back on in a few years to see how my life has changed. So here goes...

7am - time to wake up, I usually check my emails and social media and attend to any blog comments from overnight before rolling out of bed. I have about an hour to get ready each morning [I usually spend a good 10 minutes of that time staring mindlessly into my wardrobe trying to decide what to wear] before it's time to head off to work.

8.30am - I'm at my desk checking emails and planning the day ahead. I do a range of things in my position; on any given day I can be coordinating photoshoots, organising talent (models, makeup, photography), preparing reports, writing web content and brainstorming PR strategies.

1pm - time to grab lunch, if I'm lucky I'll take an hour and whip down to Burleigh Hill where I can enjoy my sandwich while basking in the sun and watching the surfers cruise by.

5pm - I'm finishing up at work for the day. I try to get out and exercise at least 3 evenings a week, whether it's going for a run, a swim, a game of tennis, yoga or pilates.

8pm - if I don't have an event on or a catch-up with friends, you'll find me in the kitchen whipping up dinner, I love trying new recipes and sharing them with you [weekend baking is my guilty pleasure].


9pm - I'm on my computer writing blog posts, researching or online shopping, after all I am a fashion marketer by day, blogger by night; there's no rest for the wicked.

11pm - if I'm not too tired I love to squeeze in an episode of my favourite show before bed (at the moment I'm watching revenge, made in chelsea and the carrie diaries) then I'll read for a while before it's time to get my beauty sleep.

What's a day in your life like?

Photos by Krissie.

17 February 2014

Must Have. Brooke Gregson Rose Gold Tourmaline Neckline

A quick scroll through Net-A-Porter's new arrivals provides me with my latest must have desire; this dainty-yet-antique-yet-edgy rose gold necklace by Brooke Gregson. Its stunning pink hue stone has a feature cut with raw edges creating the perfectly accidental yet intentional heart shape.

 photo brooke_gregson_rose_gold_necklace1_zps2766d01f.jpg

Perfectly offset by the rose gold, this stone has a beautiful pink/peach tone that would look so good against the skin. I think its best feature is its truly hand crafted look. Gushing much? You can tell I love it.
 photo brooke_gregson_rose_gold_necklace2_zpsdb9424f4.jpg
Shop here. $2709

Photos by Brooke Gregson.

14 February 2014

Suitcase. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

For those of you who haven't visited the Mornington Peninsular along Melbourne's south east coast, it is a beautiful part of the world. I've been lucky enough to travel down this way a few times over the years and explore the many different things this region has to offer. It truly is a place you can enjoy all year round; obviously it's great to visit in summer to soak up the sunshine and have a dip in the calm bay waters, but even in winter the region has plenty on offer and the cold (often angry) ocean is a pretty spectacular site, plus there's plenty of vineyards around to help you warm your soul with a glass or two of wine. If you get the chance to visit, here are a few of the things I'd check out.

Mount Martha and Safety Beach
Make sure you take a drive around this area. The houses on the hilltop are lovely and have spectacular views, and this little beach area is really quaint. You can also find some hidden paths leading down from the top of the Esplande to some pebble beaches that few people know about.

Ashcombe Hedge Maze
I've been fascinated with hedge mazes since I was a little girl after hearing my English grandma speak about them. I finally made it to this one on my last trip down and it's really great. The maze is pretty big and surprisingly you will find you actually do get lost. But don't worry you'll always eventually find your way out. As well as the maze, Ashcombe has lavender gardens, a private lake, fountains and various horticultural delights.

On the south east side of the district looking out towards Philip Island you'll find Flinders. It's a quiet little spot with pretty views and lovely beaches. There are some great cafes in town too so I'd recommend making this your lunch stop.

Sorrento & Portsea
Probably the two most iconic locations on the Mornington Peninsula, Sorrento and Portsea are like the Hamptons of Melbourne. There are plenty of beach side mansions, kitchy homewares stores, those iconic coloured beach sheds and lovely places to dine. This is the perfect stop if you want the opportunity to live like the Victorian elite for the day.

Mornington Vineyard District
Let's not forget a very important component of this Victorian district; the vineyards! The area is abundant with local wine growers and producers, I guess you could say it's like the Yarra Valley's little sister. Make sure you do some exploring in the countryside and check out the varieties available.

Arthurs Seat
Arthurs Seat provides the highest look-out point in the area, resulting in some breathtaking views in all directions. It's great to venture up here to get some perspective and look out toward the endless ocean. You'll be able to see the entire coastline from up here, the outline of the city's high rises and the many ships on their way to port in Melbourne.

I had to include this sunset picture I took, I think it's pretty spectacular.

Photos by Krissie.

12 February 2014

Style It. Monochrome

Ahh my favourite colour palette; black and white. How can you go wrong? Super chic and sleek and slimming to boot! Whilst I do occasionally love to dress with a pop of colour, you will most often find me in the basic shades; they suit everyone, you're guaranteed to look stylish and it's less likely that people will remember exactly what you wore (so you can avoid those "oh you wore that to Sarah's birthday" moments).

 Jacket by Forever New, Jeans by Bebe, Cami by Review and Watch by Michael Kors

I'm so in love with this jacket, it's one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. It's got a slightly longer length which is great for creating a longer, slimmer silhouette. I can wear it with cuffed sleeves and open or with straight arms and done up for a more corporate look.

What are your favourite styles and colours to wear?

Photos by Krissie.

10 February 2014

Plate Up. Pea & Fetta Fritters

I've never been that huge of a sandwich fan, which is why I love meals that I can cook for dinners and then take to work for lunch the next day. My lovely friend Cayleh sat down the other day with these gorgeous looking fritters and I asked her for the recipe. So glad I did because they are definitely a winner; super simple, full of flavour and they freeze and reheat really well. These little guys have your dinner and lunches sorted... hell, they'd even be good for breakfast!

What you'll need
1 1/2 cups frozen baby peas
3 spring onion stalks, chopped
1 teaspoon chilli flakes
1 teaspoon paprika
2 teaspoons dill
100g fetta, crumbled
2 eggs, whisked
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup self-raising flour

What to do
Cook your peas in the microwave until tender; approx. 3-4 minutes then add them to a large bowl and mash them well. Add the spring onion, chilli, paprika, dill, fetta, eggs and milk. Mix well.

Add the flour in a little at a time until you reach a pancake-like consistency. You may need a little more or less.

Oil a large fry pan and, on medium heat, spoon tablespoon-dollops in to cook. They will shape themselves, I can fit about 4 in my pan. Cook for a few minutes either side.

Serve with lemon wedges and salad.

Photos by Krissie.

7 February 2014

Must Have. Henri Bendel Luxe Candles

I don't know about you, but Henri Bendel is my absolutely favourite department store in New York... make that the world in fact. If you haven't had the chance to visit, HB is an upscale women's department store specialising in accessories and virtually everything they stock is their own brand, making everything super chic, recognisable and, more importantly, exclusive. Every year I fall in love with their stationary, jewels and little knick knacks. This candle is another thing to add to my wish list. Perfectly packaged and sweetly scented it makes a great gift.

$65. Shop here.

5 February 2014

Eat Me. Alfred's Diner, Mermaid Beach

What a little gem this place is... I'm so glad I stumbled upon it! In the backyard of a 60's style apartment building on the Gold Coast Highway is Alfred's Diner; you'll feel like you've just arrived at one of Melbourne's latest hotspot as it's boasting plenty of cool vibes and is definitely not the usual for the GC.

Essentially it really is like someone's backyard with assorted bench chairs, umbrella's, rugs and cushions strew about the place. Just don't make the mistake I did where you accidentally wander into the neighbour's backyard in your quest for lunch; if a brunette in her thirties gives you a strange look, you're in the wrong place... it's the next door down!

You can order your breakfast or lunch out of a little side window in the house where you'll find a great array of delicious easy dishes. I had the pulled pork burrito which was really delicious and absolutely huge, at $12 I couldn't finish it! There is also a range of hot dogs on the menu which are really big too; girls be warned; you might feel a little compromised eating them if you get my drift... But they sure look delicious! Next time I'm heading back for breakfast, I hear they do an Acai bowl with chocolate museli... can you say yum? 5/5

Photos by Krissie

Where: 2389 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach, QLD, 4218
Bookings: no need
Phone: (07) 5575 2001

Alfred's Diner on Urbanspoon

3 February 2014

Suitcase. Top Glamping Destinations

I've never really been a fan of camping, in fact, in my 23 years on this earth I have managed to avoid it altogether. The idea of wrestling with tent poles, virtually sleeping on the ground and having an open door policy for all manner of bugs and creepy crawlies really turns me off.

But... I think I might have found a way for me to enjoy this so-called 'necessary past-time' [with a little bit of adjustment]... Allow me to introduce you to glamping! Let's be honest, it really isn't anything like camping; these luxurious sites are in a whole different league... I love it!

Here are my top four picks for being 'at one with nature' without the discomfort.

Priory Bay Hotel - UK
I bet when you think glamping/camping, England doesn't immediately come to mind, but I must say this is one of my favourites! Sure you can't lie around and sunbake in the chilly weather but it's a good opportunity for some forest adventure-ing and perhaps a spot of fishing. Plus with interiors like these who could complain? From $340/night.

Sandat Tents - Indonesia
This is Bali's first glamping resort, situated just outside Ubud. There are five luxury tents which each have an infinity pool [bonus!]. The interior is decorated with an elegantly styled beach-chic feel making it a great alternative to your regular beach getaway. From $220/night.

Kasbah Tamadot - Morroco
This campsite belongs to Sir Richard Branson so it's got to be good! Just looking at the images makes me want to jump on a plane. These tents feature king-size beds, private jacuzzi's and stunning views of the Atlas mountains. From $1,000/night.

Mahali Mzuri - Kenya
Another one of Sir Richard's sites, here, there are 12 safari tents on the Motorogi Conservancy where elephants, lions and giraffe roam; perhaps they might like to join you for breakfast on your private balcony. From $1,200/night.

Photos courtesy of the glamping resorts.