10 December 2018

Eat Me. Au79, Abbotsford

If you find yourself with a rumbling tummy around breakfast time, I have just the spot to share! Take yourself for a little adventure to Abbotsford, past the grungy factories and along the picket-fenced streets right to the door of Au79.

30 November 2018

Must Have. Summer Reads

I'm an avid book reader. Always have been. Way back in Year 2 I remember winning the reading award, having read more than double the amount of books of anyone else in my class! What can I say? I started early.

With summer's arrival tomorrow comes many beach days, and what do beach days call for? Why a good book of course! Check out some of my favourites that I've read lately...

28 August 2018

Must Have. 3 Spring Summer Trends To Invest In This Season

With only a few days until spring dawns here in Australia (can I get thank goodness!?), I’m celebrating by sharing some of my favourite new season trends from the beauty and fashion worlds. So wave goodbye to winter and get set for sunnier skies with these trending favourites.

19 July 2018

Suitcase. A Weekend In The Blue Mountains

Since there’s no Europe trip on the cards for me this year, Australia has had big shoes to fill as the destination to satisfy my wanderlust. Last weekend a new adventure was on the cards, a trip up into the picturesque region of the Blue Mountains.

3 May 2018

Suitcase. A Taste Of Tasmania

I first visited Tassie waaaaay before it was trendy. Rewind to the mid-2000s and this teenager [who was yet to be bitten by the wanderlust bug] fell in love with its historic charm. I remember sitting on the pier, imagining myself in some sort of periodic novel, written by the likes of Emily Bronte. What can I say? Its magic and charisma really did have an effect on me…

15 March 2018

Plate Up. Tiramisu

Coffee. Chocolate. Creamy goodness. There's little wonder this Italian dessert literally translates to pick me up. It's a bolt of energy in a simply scrumptious package. One of best friends is Italian and she's currently visiting Australia for the first time, staying with me in Melbourne. On weekends I'm busy playing tour guide, showing her all the sights. But my benefit is even better. She's teaching me all the Italian cooking classics. Starting with this one...

4 March 2018

Suitcase. A Weekend In Wilson's Prom, Victoria

Last weekend it was time to escape the city. We were headed for greener landscapes and clearer water down at Wilson's Prom, 3hrs south-east of the city. Not being the camping type myself (I've successfully managed to reach the age of nearly 28 without having to spend a night in a tent!) we holed up at a friend's beautiful home in the hills behind Inverloch, ready to set off bright and early Saturday morning.

1 February 2018

Must Have. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Apologies for the very long hiatus. What can I say?... Well I'll tell you the truth.

Firstly, summer here has been so amazing that I've been attempting to be outdoors at every possible opportunity rather than working away inside.

Secondly, something has clicked for me lately and I've really started to believe it is so bad to spend your whole life staring at technology and screens. So I've been trying to make a conscious effort not to check my phone every 2 minutes, not to Google every little random life question I think of [what sound does a panda make?], and not too binge on too much Netflix. [With the exception of The Sinner - that I highly recommend!].

But what better thing to draw me back for a blog post than Valentine's Day! And not because I'm all lovey dovey, but because I love shopping, delicious dinners, red roses and gift ideas!... So without further adieu, whether you're buying for him, for her or even a treat for yourself, check out my top picks for Valentine's Day gifting this year. Lots of love...

11 January 2018

Plate Up. Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through your house?... I personally think it's hard to beat.

When it comes to a spot of Sunday afternoon baking, biscuits are pretty much my go-to. I love how simple they are to make and they tend to stay fresher for longer than cakes or muffins, meaning they're great to pack for lunch during the week.

As far as bickies go, these are somewhat healthy thanks to the wholemeal flour and oats. You could even replace the dark chocolate with raisins if you wanted...

But where's the fun in that?