8 October 2017

Style It. A Period Of Transition

My last days in London marked the first days of autumn. And where better to head on an autumnal day than Richmond Upon Thames? An undeniable favourite of mine that I’ve told you about before, you truly can’t beat this spot along the river bank.

I’ve spent many-an-hour at the nursery, I’ve had a go at deer-stalking in the park and I’ve done more laps along the riverside path than I can count. Whenever I play tour guide to out-of-towners, I always bring them to this spot; to sip a coffee on one of the park benches and watch as the barges glide up and down the river.

So, when my favourite photographer Jessica Marano suggested we do a mini-shoot while I was in town, Richmond seemed like the perfect location. One for the history books, hey? Jolly good.

I don’t know about you, but I often find dressing for the inbetween seasons can be harder than straight out summer or winter, particularly when you’re by the water – any kind of breeze tends to make me chilly.  However light layers and my new favourite hat made this crisp day feel pleasant, and unlike most autumn days I didn’t even feel the need to shrug my jacket on and off the entire time. Thank goodness!

We strolled the many lanes marvelling at the old structures, Richmond was founded in the 1600s after all; thanks to King Henry VII who decided he liked the neighbourhood and built himself a home there: the famed Richmond Palace.

Yet despite the many grand buildings, I think Richmond’s waterside pathways will always be my favourite; it is along here you’ll see the locals, the many dogs, the rambling trees and plants, and, even the occasional dandelion.

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Photos by Jessica Marano.