7 August 2016

Suitcase. Hvar, Croatia - Travel Guide

Anyone who's done Yacht Week knows that a visit to Croatia wouldn't be complete without a stop-off in Hvar. This shimmering, sparkling island is like a little jewel, about an hour's ferry from Split.

Houses are stacked up like stone, boats bob in the bay and the water winks at you invitingly. Honestly, it's a swell little spot. I completely fell in love.

We only had a day on the island as we were visiting from the mainland but I found that to be enough if you just want to see the sights. Of course if you want to base yourself there for a few days you wouldn't be short of swimming spots and restaurants though either!

The little Old Town is quaint and charming. No cars. Only tiny lanes and staircases that climb away from town towards their own mysterious destination.

Just outside the town to the left and right outskirts you'll find great swimming spots. The water is incredibly clear. Postcard picture perfect.

When you've wandered enough and need to rest your feet, be sure to head on over to The Top Bar at the Adriana Hotel. It has the most spectacular view overlooking the town and the water.

Whether you're travelling Croatia by boat or staying on the mainland, don't miss this spectacular little island. I guarantee you'll Hv-ar great day! [Sorry, I couldn't resist!...]

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Photos by Krissie