20 October 2016

One Day. The Melbourne Botanical Gardens

My beautiful mummy came to visit last weekend and in my book that only means one thing - time to play tour guide! We explored the city, ate at some amazing restaurants and had a delightful little picnic in the Botanical Gardens.

I treat this spectacular Melbourne park a bit like my own backyard because I'm lucky enough to live just a 2 minute walk away. Now that the weather is warming up and the sun is making a few guest-appearances, I find myself there more and more.

It's fantastic for a stroll, whether leisurely or for exercise. I prefer the leisurely option myself... With time to take in the flora and fauna. It truly is unbelievably green in here.

There must be a troll with a green thumb. And no doubt plenty of fairies living in the bushes. That's what I always believed as a youngster.

If you wander around long enough I have no doubt you'll come to find a corner of the 38-hectare expanse is your favourite. I've got mine. It's never windy, the ground is flat, it's tucked away and the flowers are beautiful. But shhh, I'm not telling where it is.

I'll give you a hint. It's near this fabulous climbing tree. Cool right?

There's many-a-bench chair in the gardens and each have their own dedication - most are odes to those who are no longer with us but took great pleasure from sitting in these gardens watching the world go by. Just like me.

Having wandered around til we could wander no more, we plonked ourselves down to enjoy a hot cuppa from the flask and our books. What else are sunshiny Saturdays for?

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Photos by Krissie.