15 December 2016

One Day. The Penguin Expedition At Sydney Aquarium

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

OK, not exactly the address I was off to but close enough. Last weekend during my little Sydney adventure I found myself at the Sydney Aquarium, for the launch of the new Penguin Expedition no less! 

Being the lover of Finding Nemo that I am, this was a thrilling occurrence for me to be amongst some of my favourite sea creatures. Particularly furry, friendly little penguins who I came to adore following Morgan Freeman's epically narrated doco.

Inside we went, making a beeline for the penguins. This interactive adventure is a world-first where you actually ride through the water alongside the penguins. Oh, and it's 6 degrees, so bring a jacket.

This little fella and I shared a long, loving glance. Pretty sure he wanted to give me a pebble. Which in penguin land is like an engagement ring. How sweet!

With both Gentoo and King penguins in residence it's quite the happening hub. Particularly at feeding time. Out came JB, the trainer, with his bucket of fish and they all waddled at top speed up the hill to greet him before diving into the pool where they showed off their swimming prowess.

Did you know they can reach speeds of up to 36km/hr? Impressive.

With a wave of a flipper we said goodbye to our new friends and set off to explore the rest of the aquarium. From Dorys to Nemos to iridescent jellyfish. It's a magical place.

Remember this little yellow guy... Bubbles bubbles bubbles! My bubbles.

The tunnels with stingrays and sharks were particularly breath-taking... It's really surreal to wander around underneath them.

Plan your visit these holidays and be sure to say hi to my penguin friends for me. You'll find the aquarium on the water at Darling Harbour just a short stroll from the CBD. It really is true what they say - darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me!

Don't forget, we can all do our bit to help these incredible sea creatures. Be a conscious recycler, try not to use plastic bags and wrap your rubbish well. It's so important that we look after our oceans for the generations to come.

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Photos by Krissie.