21 August 2016

Eat Me. Jimmy Wah's, Gold Coast

After four weeks of jaunting around Europe it's very strange to be back on the Gold Coast. It's almost like I've stepped into a time warp. Not too much has changed here... But I will say there appear to be a few fab new eating hotspots that have opened up, and after spending a week kicking my jetlag I was well and truly hungry for dinner!... Cue Vietnamese at Jimmy Wah's in Burleigh.

I've gotta say, London gave me some pretty high food expectations. I ate at some amazing places and a lot of them served Asian cuisine. So how would this compact little modern-Viet on the GC highway compare? Turns out, pretty well!

We nestled in amongst the wooded walls with Jimmy Wah grinning at us. You might remember him from Robin William’s ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ - he was the lively bar owner, how could you forget?

Pop on in when it's not too busy and you can expect to catch a glimpse of the owner Jake when he's not chef-ing in the kitchen. He and his lovely girlfriend Kat (who serves out front) were inspired to open the restaurant after spending a few months travelling around Vietnam. Don't you just love a tale of inspiration?

The menu is compact but covers all the favourites like rice paper rolls, dumplings, soft shell crab and pho.

After a glass of wine we were ready to roll. Kingfish sashimi with crispy onions and thai basil, lime and coconut dressing.

Next, crispy spring rolls with a zesty dipping sauce.

Then the main event - half chicken with Chinese spinach in a lime and coconut cream sauce. Heavenly.

No room for dessert this time but I hear the tapioca and coconut pudding is not to be missed. If you're on the GC and feeling a little [or a lot] peckish. Swing on by and ask for a seat in the window. It's the perfect spot to watch the world go by.

As for me I'm moving on down to Melbourne this week so stay tuned for plenty of new posts!...

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Photos by Krissie.