15 September 2016

Must Have. Interiors Obsessed - Furniture & Homewares

My life has had somewhat of a change of pace since moving back to Australia. One could say, a little less party-hopping, a little more furniture-shopping.

I've found a place to call home but alas it's rather empty [i.e., totally] so I've spent my last few weeks busily dashing about town to find my ideal furniture pieces and stylish homewares. I tell you, it's quite the challenge. But oh it's an enjoyable one.

My house is slowly starting to take shape. The building is nearly 100 years old so the whole super modern thing doesn't really go. I'm going for more of a French Provincial meets Scandi Chic style, with a dash of blue and a hint of glamour. Sounds like the perfect recipe right? Check out some of my favourite picks below.

Mirror / Bedside Table / Lamp / Clock / Cushions / Coffee Table / Chair / Candle (the BIGGEST bargain you'll ever find) / Salad Bowl / Tray / Bedhead

It's official, I'm interiors-obsessed, I have RSI from scrolling Pinterest and I can pretty much rattle off every furniture store known to man. Honestly, this knowledge has got to be valuable. If you need tips, just ask!

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Photos via Pinterest and collage by Krissie via retailers.