2 April 2015

Style It. How To Dress Like A Disney Princess

Anyone else super excited for the release of the new Cinderella movie? Not to mention there's going to be a new Beauty And The Beast - my two favs of all time let's be honest (I'm such a kid at heart).

Growing up I was always in awe of Disney princesses - I wanted their hair, their bird-like singing voices and, most importantly, their wardrobes.

For those of you who have prom coming up and for the others who just love to dress up, here's my guide to dressing like a Disney princess...

When it comes to the dress, sparkling embellishments and a swishy skirt are the two non-negotiables. Everything else is up to you! You can shop my favourites here.

For your hair think big blow-out waves, pretty plaits or a perfectly coiffed chignon. Disney princesses' hair is enviably voluminous and never has a strand out of place.

When it comes to make-up a soft pink lip and anything to accentuate large eyes should do the trick. Don't forget rosy cheeks of course!

No they're not made of glass [how uncomfortable!] but you've gotta admit these shoes look a lot like Cinderella's slippers!

And of course, the final touch: a prince.

Now jump in your carriage and away you go! The ball awaits...

Photos via ASOS, Miss Guided and Pinterest.