27 October 2016

Style It. Why You Should Wear 'Special' Pieces Everyday

My whole life I've been a bit of a self-confessed hoarder but that's all changed in the last year or so. Previously, something with sentimental value [i.e., everything] had to be kept, and new or expensive clothes would sit in my wardrobe as though their shiny aurora would be damaged if they were taken outside.

Now that I think about it - totally silly.

Since living overseas I came to understand that physical possessions are totally replaceable and when it comes down to it, they really don't hold much value.

So now I live by the mantra that the 'special' pieces in my wardrobe aren't just for special occasions. I try to wear and enjoy them everyday. My designer bags get daily outings. The most revered dresses in my wardrobe get worn to work. And new shoes get an outing the day they are purchased.

Top (similar) / Jeans

You could argue that this makes these pieces less special, but I now whole-heartedly disagree. My most treasured items are the ones I turn to time and time again, not the wow factor item hiding away at the back of the closest waiting for its moment.

The old 80:20 wardrobe saying is true - you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. So why not make that 20% those extra special pieces. After all, you only live once.

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Photos by Krissie.