8 November 2013

One Day. Closet full of clothes... nothing to wear

I get up everyday and spend a good 5 minutes staring mindlessly into my wardrobe; "So many clothes but nothing to wear. Why did I buy all of this? I need something new." I'm sure you can relate.

I read once that when a woman says "I've got nothing to wear" what she really means is "there's nothing here for the person I am supposed to be today".

I couldn't agree more.

My love of fashion started at a very early age; I can remember running my hands over clothing racks in department stores, trying on pretty frilly dresses [that I could never wear unless I was a flower girl at a wedding] and flicking through endless magazines to see who's style I could emulate. Throughout primary school it was probably whoever wore the most pink, moving into middle school I had a fascination with Mischa Barton from The OC and Cher from Clueless, then there was Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Olivia Palermo,  Blake Lively and, more recently, Millie Macintosh and Miranda Kerr.

Photo via Flickr

I did the corporate life fresh out of school and that wasn't all that exciting with my white shirts and black skirts, then there was a couple of years in hospo which caused me to swear off black pants for life. Now that I work in fashion I can really wear whatever I like yet I still wake up each day wondering what on earth to pull out of my wardrobe. Each day I get up with a new vision in mind of how I should look to represent a certain idea. Prime example; the Matt Corby concert I went to a few weeks ago. In my mind I'm thinking I want to dress like an edgy/hippy groupie; think baggy, boots, bohemian. Trouble is that it's not really my everyday style so I didn't have many outfit options to cater to that 'look'. Trigger the "I have nothing to wear" bemoaning.

Over the years I've gone through preppy, classic, urban, edgy and casual chic. My style is constantly changing and evolving, but that's ok, because what is fashion for, if not for expressing your ever-changing self!