22 November 2013

One Day. The Perfect Exercise Regime

My exercise habits are as flippant as my fashion choices i.e., very whimsical. I'll go 3 months without lifting a finger runner-shoe and then something will kick-in and I'll be all gung-ho Michelle Bridges for 3 months. Then the cycle starts again. Needless to say for 6 months of the year I'm either very busy and feeling toned or full of spare time and a little spare flesh.

I'm currently in the midst of my Michelle Bridges phase, nearing the 3-month mark and I'm feeling good [maybe I'll last a little longer this time!]. I need a range of things to keep me entertained so my weekly exercise regime currently consists of a mixture of running, swimming laps, playing tennis, roller-blading [this is my lazy day option], yoga, pilates and even some Zumba on the wii [I don't usually admit to this one, I'm sure my neighbour thinks I look like a maniac in my lounge room thrusting my hips and pumping my legs].

Like the typical Gemini I am I can't do one thing for too long and need an eclectic mixture of things to keep me entertained. This is probably why I never exactly mastered one particular sport, I'm just average [or quite terrible] at a range of things. But I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly my fitness has come back and I do still feel like I improve each week. So if you're just getting back into exercise don't fret when your first run has you sweating like a pig and panting like a sexed-up panther; it gets easier I promise! Each week I see the same people out and about and in the beginning I took comfort in knowing they too were slogging it out sharing my pain "oh god my feet hurt, I think my calf is cramping, I can't breath" and I'm fairly certain the people in the pool lanes next to me could hear me moaning under water with each breath. But now I'm more content to know that they too share my desire to be fit and healthy; it's much easier to think this way once exercising isn't so difficult. I have to say a big thank you to my friends at work for being my fitness inspiration, these two girls are fitness nuts [in the best way possible] and are always so healthy and active. I think they've rubbed off on me a little, for which I'm very grateful.

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Photo courtesy of Dianatrn