11 November 2013

Style It. Retro head scarf

Scarf by Sportsgirl, Top by CLEO + Billabong, shorts by Zara

I was rummaging through my closet over the weekend, on the premise that I was giving it a good clean-out... what I was actually doing was finding things and thinking "oh I forgot I had that, I can wear it with [fill in the blanks], I can't possibly throw it away!".

This scarf was one of those items, I completely forgot I had it from a forgotten purchase sometime in high school. Cue finding a new way to style it and feeling great for coming up with a new idea. I swear creating something new from something existing in my wardrobe gives me an unnatural high, then I'll wear whatever it is to death for a few weeks before moving onto something else. Probably the Gemini in me coming out; intense fascination > over it.

What do you think of this style? I like to think I'm bringing retro back.

Photos by Krissie.