2 August 2013

Style It. New ways to wear the classics

Chances are if you're a woman and you enjoy shopping, you have an ubiquitous black dress in your closet right now. And chances are you only wear it once or twice a year…

Everyone has, or should have, the wardrobe basics, those staple items you just can’t live without – they might be that LBD, some skinny jeans, a basic white shirt and of course your favourite cardigan. But how many of you are guilty of wearing these pieces the same way, day after day?                                           I thought so….

As women (and for those of you fashionable men as well) it is in our DNA to be passionate about clothes. For many of us, fashion is our first and most enduring love affair to date. Who doesn’t adore the playfulness of fashion and its endless ability to transform us? Dressing is a most sacred ritual, one that can transform us; I love assuming different identities in different outfits and exploring the many facets of my personality through what I choose to wear each day.

As well as this pleasure that comes with dressing each day, what you might not have experienced is the moment of pure joy you receive by turning something totally expected on its head and discovering something new.

So, for the sake of your loving relationship with clothes, it’s time to get your creativity flowing and think of some new ways to wear ‘the classics’. After all these basics really are chameleon pieces just waiting to be given the opportunity to show their other side!

Here are some tips to get you started on this challenge…

1. First, pull some items from your closet that are feeling a little left out, maybe they haven’t been worn in a while or maybe they are just tired of being reused and worn the same way, to the point where everyone recognises them.

2. Next, try on each item or a combination of items. Even if you have the feeling the combination might look atrocious, try it anyway – you never know what will inspire you!

3. Play around in front of a mirror, adjust the shirt, tie the cardie a different way, roll the jeans up, tuck, untuck, hell why not try wearing it backwards (I recently discovered a winter knit of my own that looks completely different and so much better when I wear it back to front!). If you still aren’t seeing any improvements maybe its time to reach for the scissors. It may seem drastic but what garment doesn’t love a little makeover as much as we do!

4. Now that you’ve got something new, whip out your favourite accessories and experiment! Try a belt, cinching extra fabric with a brooch or clip, or pinning it to drape a certain way, tying a light scarf into a sash, or stacking on an unexpected combination of jewellery.

5. Take note of the combinations that worked best. Modify these looks slightly to adapt them to other items in your closet. If it helps, write down or take pictures of your new creations so you don’t forget! Before you know it you will have your own lookbook of fantastic new combinations and styles you thought you never had.

Not only are you  breathing new life into old garments, you are saving your hip pocket by creating new fashions without having to head to the store!

Additional money for some online shoe shopping!? Perfect.

Photo by loveyourchaos.