7 August 2013

One Day. Daily Makeup Routine

Shhh. Revealing my daily make-up routine is like telling one of my inner-most secrets. Ok maybe not quite so serious but it sounded dramatic!

I often get a lot of comments on my make-up and thought it was about time I share with you my daily routine. I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with 'English Rose' skin from my mother's and grandmother's side of the family so I'm very grateful to have a good canvas to work on! It's taken me a long time (and a lot of testing) to find products I love but here are the ones currently running the gauntlet in my bathroom.

At the moment I'm loving organic cosmetics company 'Grown's' Camellia and Geranium Blossom moisturiser (1.). I always apply this before my makeup as it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Using a moisturiser before applying your foundation has the same effect as using a primer.

I believe you can't go past quality when it comes to certain things, especially foundation and concealer; you've got to have a good base. I've been a Clinque foundation lover ever since school; it was my first make-up product. I use super-balanced (2.) which is a heavier coverage make-up but I find I need it because my skin loves to 'eat' my make-up and by the end of the day it ends up looking rather light. Then I use MAC select cover-up (3.) under my eyes. I apply both with a Model Co. foundation brush; it makes your make-up much more even and it's so much better than getting your fingers dirty!

Next is Korres brightening powder to set my base (4.). I use a bronze shade so it has a dual purpose of setting my make-up and also gives me a summer glow. It's smells delicious too! Then a sweep of MAC blush (5.). You should apply your blush two finger-widths away from you nose and then from there along and up the cheek bone. This will give you a more defined shape. Then I add a dab of Rimmel 'wake me up' illuminator (6.) in the same area for a dewy finish. This illuminator comes up really great in pictures too - bonus!

On to the eyes...  I have extremely fair eyebrows (they're virtually non-existent!) so I give them a light colouring-in with Rimmel's professional eye brow pencil (7.) for some definition. Then I select an eyeliner depending on my mood. I currently have black, bright blue and silver (8.) on rotation. Just a very thin line across the lash line. I finish with a coat of Maybelline mascara (9.) and some lip-tint. I'm currently loving the Revlon lip butters (10.) in 'cherry tart' for night time or 'creamsicle' for everyday wear.

What's your routine like? What are your favourite products?

Photo by Krissie.