31 July 2013

Eat Me. BSKT, Nobbys

I went to BSKT last week, the latest Gold Coast hotspot for all things foodie. This quaint little cafe/resturant is tucked away at the back of Nobby's by the beach. I went for dinner but I also hear the breakfast is fantastic; there's a little deck out the back that would be devine for summer brunches.

The interior is minimalist but in a cool and welcoming way. The menu is very impressive and I had difficulty choosing what I wanted to order because everything sounded so good. The menu is written in a very 'foodie' style and I think at first the boys at the table had a bit of trouble deciphering what they'd like but in the end they all managed to choose something that came out looking great, plus there's a steak on the menu for anyone having trouble.

I ordered the 18hr slow cooked sticky pork with raw salad and chilli vinegar (sorry the picture is a little dark). It was really really good. The pork was very tender but had a yummy crunchy outside that somewhat reminded me of KFC chicken, but a healthier version of course! And the raw salad, translation: coleslaw, was just the right accompaniment. It was crunchy and fresh where the pork was slightly heavier. All in all a really good dish. Others at the table had the lamb curry which smelt and looked amazing; those eating it could only mumble how great it was through their delighted mouths.

The service was really great and the waiters were so friendly. We were there for my friend's birthday and we brought in some cupcakes and I was so happy to see the waitresses made it a lovely evening for her. They snuck the cakes out to the kitchen when we arrived and then came out later with the candles lit and waving at us to start singing. It was a really pleasant, especially when a lot of restaurants these days act like you're a pain for bringing in cake.

I'm really keen to return for dinner to try more things on the menu, and when the days are a little warmer breakkie outside looks devine. 4.5/5

Where: 4 Lavarack Road, Nobbys QLD 4218
Bookings: recommended
Phone: (07) 5526 6565

Photos by Krissie and BSKT

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