26 August 2013

One Day. Avoiding weekend mistakes

Now that I'm a working girl I've been doing my best to get myself into a routine. After two years of hospitality shift work and a further three years of study with constantly changing timetables, I thought it was about time I lay down the ground rules for a weekly routine that I could manage and enjoy. I think I've got my weekdays down pat; wake up time, off to work, come home to blog, cook and relax. But when it comes to weekends I didn't realise what a difference a routine in these two days can make as well. Obviously we all do different things every time we have our days off but it's setting these days up in a clever way that will help you maintain your weekday routine.

Here are some of the most common weekend mistakes and how to avoid them so you can enjoy your weekends AND say goodbye to Mondayitis. Bonus!

Mistake one: sleeping in
Not one likes a sleep-in more than me, but I'm starting to find if I do enjoy some extra forty-winks on Saturday and Sunday it makes it that much harder to get back into the swing of things come Monday. So even if you've been out for a drink and a dance Friday night try not to snooze your day away because you'll only throw your body clock out. One thing I always find that helps me get out of bed is sunshine, so try sleeping with the curtains open.

Mistake two: working
I'm as conscientious of a worker as they come but weekends really are time to switch off. If you're constantly making calls or checking your emails it means you're never getting a break from work. You need to be refreshed come Monday morning and if you haven't allowed yourself a break you won't be as efficient of a worker for the week. If you really can't resist whipping out that Blackberry, then at least set yourself limits; email checks at 9am and 4pm only.

Mistake three: overindulging in food
Midweek meals are often simple and healthy because who has a lot of time to whip up something indulgent? But don't go crazy come Friday night just because it's the weekend as you'll only feel sluggish come Monday. Allow yourself those couple of glasses of wine and some dessert but don't go overboard. You don't want to undo all your good work do you?

Mistake four: doing all your life admin
We're all busy during the week and it's so easy to let all our housework and life duties pile up around you... "There's plenty of time to do it on the weekend, right?" Not always. Don't put that pressure on yourself to get all those tasks done in your days off. Try and chip away at it constantly during the week so you don't end up with a mountain of washing or errands to do come Saturday and Sunday. Weekends are for some "you time" too.

Mistake five: stressing about work on Sunday
There's always such a good feeling on Friday afternoon - "yay, two days off." Saturday morning you still feel great but it's Saturday night when the thoughts can start creeping in; "only one day left," and sometimes on Sunday morning it's full blown panic stations about the busy upcoming week. Don't let this happen to you. Sunday is still a free day. Enjoy it and don't dwell on the week to come. If you're still stressing come Sunday night, try and make a positive plan for the week so you have a good mindset for Monday morning.

Happy weekends and happy Friday Monday!

Photo by Krissie.