16 August 2013

Suitcase. My Top Ten Travel Tips

New York City

I like to think that my travelling days are just beginning. Yes, I've already been round the world once and on a few extra trips here and there, but there is still so so much more to explore and do! My current travel wish list is three A4 pages long and grows every day. I love daydreaming about all the places I want to see and visit.


I'm sure I've got lots to learn about travelling [perhaps the hard way] on my future trips, but here are some of my current tips that I've picked up along the way on how to travel smart.

Queenstown, New Zealand

  1. Don't be afraid to ask for directions [subtly so you don't look like a total loser tourist]; you'll save so much time that would have been lost wandering around.
  2. Don't select a window seat on a long haul flight unless you have an impossibly large bladder, you'll feel so bad disturbing those sleeping next to you everytime you get up to use the loo.
  3. Never eat in the first restaurant you come across, it's a bad omen. No matter how good you think the menu looks, keep looking.


  4. Never take a brand new book on a flight; you're going to want something that you're already well engrossed in to pass the time.
  5. Don't try and joke with customs officials. These people are serious. All. The. Time.
  6. It is inevitable that you will forget something along the way; whether it's a packed item or something you wanted to see or do. Don't stress about it and go about your travels, just pray it's not your passport or wallet and you'll be fine.
  7. Take notes while you're away so that when you return home [and you're in complete post-travel depression] you can remember the good times you had.
  8. Talk to locals, they always know the best things to see and do and, unless their a total snob, they seem to love sharing these details with you!

    New York City

  9. Always arrive early to airports, stations and even hotels. When it comes to transport you just can't risk being late, and in terms of hotels you never know when you'll snag an early check-in. Winner.
  10. If you don't speak the local language of the place you're visiting invest in a foreign dictionary. Charades will only get you so far. "There's a leaky tap in my room and the noise is keeping me awake." would be pretty tricky; I'm seeing drip drip motions and wide eyes which could come across as numerous other things.

Plus, here's a tip I'm still hoping to learn: how to sleep on planes, trains and buses? If anyone has some insight this would greatly benefit my future travels! Non-drug related suggestions appreciated.

Photos by Krissie