14 May 2019

Suitcase. Welcome To Waikiki

It’s been a long time between travelling adventures for me. As a self-confessed wanderluster, going 18 months without a long haul flight is surely an [unwanted] record in these last few years.

But here we are. A new adventure under my belt and I can’t wait to share it with you. Read on for part 1 of my Hawaiian adventures... aloha.

After what I can only call a hectic year in my life, Hawaii seemed like the perfect destination; an attractive melange of intriguing island culture and beachside relaxation. Given that we’re coming into a long cold winter here in Melbourne I really wanted one last dose of sunshine, sand and sea. Oahu was the perfect prescription.

From the moment I stepped off the plane I knew I’d found a destination to love. Salty, warm air greeted me like welcome relief after a 11hr flight. I received my first 'aloha' as soon as I stepped off the plane, which was quickly followed by my first lei when I checked in at my hotel.

The Hyatt Regency sits in the heart of Waikiki, directly across from the iconic Duke statue. Here you are merely steps from the sand and the wafting sounds of the conch shells signalling the local boats as they pull into shore each hour.

The ultimate base for your Oahu holiday, my stay at the hotel was blissful. Despite it’s incredible size (with 1200 rooms, and more than 60 shops and restaurants). Everything here has a personal touch, particularly the staff. And with its expanse, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for. From lei-making classes to a water-view day spa, sunrise yoga classes to the ultimate seafood buffet. There's even a weekly market as well as Friday night local performances.

My room looked towards the west across the water with a beautiful view of the beach and each evening’s sunset, ensuring the allure of the outdoors was ever-present. And if you looked out the window the other way you were treated to a panorama of the many high-rises set into front of Waikiki's mountains.

Never one to spend much time in my room, I spent most of my days on the sand. A highlight early in my stay was to see a wild seal frolicking in the waves of Waikiki alongside the swimmers, he appeared to delight in our unanimous love of the water.

Whilst I’m no stranger to the beach having grown up in Queensland, there was something about the magnetic blue of Hawaii’s waters that really captured me. Calm waters lap the shore, whilst locals carve up the small waves breaking offshore in the distance. It’s exactly as you would imagine.

Of course I couldn’t help but give surfing a go for myself.  Bobbing out there on that board and paddling for the rolling waves was certainly a memory and a feeling I will always treasure. The sore muscles and bruises not so much.... I have a new found respect for all surfers. It’s tough work!!

Aside from my mornings spent by the water, sunset was a favourite time of mine in Waikiki. Each evening the sun would descend over the water. With every inch sinking, casting a fiery glow across the sky. Pink dusty clouds would shimmer above the strip before darkness finally fell. Like I said, a favourite time of day. Magic hour.

More coming on Hawaii. Stay tuned for road trip and foodie posts...

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Photos by Krissie.