13 July 2017

Plate Up. Quick & Easy Chowder

"It is bloody cold."
I catch myself saying this to people a lot lately. People often think Australia doesn't really have a winter, but in Melbourne we certainly do. I was out late the other evening when the mercury hit -1. Brrrr.

Lucky I'm off to Port Douglas this week. My toes really need to thaw and, more importantly, I really need a tan. It's hard to believe it can still be 26 degrees in northern QLD at this time of year. To beat the chill back home, I've been busy whipping up all manner of hearty recipes, and this chowder has become a fast favourite.

Now I've never been to San Fran or Cape Cod - home to apparently some fantastic chowders which I can't wait to try, but I must say that I'd hazard a guess that this humble little recipe would do pretty well to compare.

What you'll need (serves 4)
Olive oil
a small bunch spring onions, chopped
2 potatoes, peeled and cut into 2cm chunks
kernels of 2 corn cobs (use a knife to gently slice them off)
1 sprig fresh thyme
750ml chicken stock
400g your preferred white fish (you can really use anything, I opted for budget-friendly basa)
150ml cream

What to do
Take a large saucepan and heat your oil on the stove. Add in the spring onions and potatoes, seasoning well. Ensure you're stirring them, otherwise they tend to stick. Cook for about 5mins. Add in your corn kernels, then your thyme and stock. Lay your fish in as a whole and pop the lid on. Leave to cook for 15-20mins or until the potato feels tender. Then add the cream and pop the lid back on, cooking for a further 5mins.

Time to serve. It really is impossibly simple, isn't it? A great one-pot dish. Use a ladle to gently break up the fish and spoon into bowls. Serve with fresh bread or toast.

See, you're warmer already aren't you?...

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Photos by Krissie.