9 July 2017

Eat Me. Tacocat, Windsor

Friday nights are my favourite night to go out. Everyone's happy, they're in celebrate-weekend mode, and possibly the best side effect of going out on a Friday eve, is that the weekend seems so much longer!

Now that a couple of my London bestie's have moved to town we've been busy hopping from hotspot to hotspot- drinks... dinner... both!... Last weekend we stumbled upon a relatively new addition to the Melbourne foodie scene in Windsor - Tacocat. Interestingly enough it's spelt the same backwards - your brain just said 'woah' didn't it?

This spot is great if you love margaritas, plus it serves up some pretty tasty little morsels as well, all with a Mexican-fusion vibe. With a menu inspired by the owner's world travels, there is everything from corn on the cob to grasshopper tacos (for those who are really game! And no, that's not me.).

We kicked things off with the ceviche tostada - super light and refreshing with melt-in-the-mouth fish. One of my favourites to order when eating this style of food...

Before digging into a selection of tacos including pork and crackling, Japanese fried chicken and soft shell crab. Told you, it's a worldly menu!

Then just when you think you can't stuff in anymore, you can try their signature dessert. A deep fried tequila shot. Don't worry, it's not as wacky as it sounds. They haven't found a way to solidify tequila and fry it, instead it's soaked sponge that's been battered and fried til golden. The accompanying lemon sorbet is the chaser. Smart.

I guess I might see you there for Friday night margaritas! Walk on in during the week but best to book on weekends.

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Photos by Krissie.