5 March 2017

Suitcase. A Sydney Weekender

I must say, I’ve been in Sydney a lot lately, by the average traveller’s standards. To be honest, I kind of feel like I’ve covered most of the city now. The landmark sights, the beaches, the neighbourhoods… But one place I hadn’t yet been was The Grounds of Alexandria…

It just so happened that last weekend whilst I was there, the weather was pretty miserable. But we still made our way there nonetheless, umbrellas and all. It didn’t disappoint. Market stalls, fresh food, sweet treats, live music, farm animals all in the historic structure of former pie factory.

Mmmmm pie.

We wandered between stalls and gazed longingly at the cronuts. Despite the awful weather there was still quite the waiting-list for brunch so we had plenty of time to explore before sitting down to munch. [Just FYI, that was a totally unintentional rhyme.]

The vibe at Alexandria is wonderful. With the guitarist strumming easily in the background and the contended hum of chatter from the many diners – it makes for an enrapturing experience. Particularly with the greenhouse style plants draped above you.

When our table was ready, so were our appetites. No messing around for me, I got the breakkie burger and boy was it good. Whilst my comrade went traditional with good ol’ scrambled eggs.

We were all set to head back towards the city, before one very important pit stop – the Zimmerman outlet. It’s about 20mins walk from The Grounds of Alexandria and absolute must if you, like me, adore the brand. You can expect to snap up pieces for up to 80% off. AND, sometimes they’re current season. Gasp. I know.

We both managed to snap up a few cheeky treats, heading back to our hotel with an extra spring in our step. [Hey. Retail therapy is totally a thing.] I based myself at 57 Hotel in Surrey Hills this time round. It’s such a trendy little neighbourhood with restaurants and bars that are certain to keep you up til’ the early hours.

Well Sydney, it’s always a delight to see you, but maybe next time you could welcome me with a little sunshine…

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Photos by Krissie.