26 March 2017

Style It. South Yarra Strolls

I go through stages with my clothes... But more often than not you'll find me in jeans. Particularly if I'm out and about. Last weekend I actually found myself with a day for some downtime. So what better way to spend it, than wandering the beautiful neighbourhood I call home?...

Some of the properties around here date back to the late 1800s, which after having lived in London, I adore. It's nice to have a good dose of history close to home. From stacked terrace houses to vine-woven courtyards, I come across a new favourite every time I explore.

Top (similar) / Jeans / Sneakers / Glasses / Belt / Bag

There's something so charming about small courtyards filled with plants and wrought-iron gates. Peeling paintwork. Sash windows. The charm is what I love the most. Take a wander around your neighbourhood next weekend, just imagine what treasures you might find...

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Photos by Krissie.