29 January 2014

One Day. What's in my bag

It never ceases to amaze me, the abject horror that you see cross a man's face when you ask them anything to do with reaching into a women's handbag. "Honey could you just grab my phone?", "the date of the party, it's in my diary, just grab it out of my bag...." their response? Like you're asking them to put their hand into a piranhas tank. Boyfriends, fathers, mates, brothers; they all respond the same way. Come on guys, it's really not that scary; sure you might find the odd tampon or condom but we usually keep these tucked away in a pocket that we won't refer you to so nothing is going to jump out and say 'boo',

For you stylish ladies I thought I'd give you a sneak peak inside my bag and for those tentative men here's proof you have nothing to worry about; there's nothing scary to be found here.

Of course there's the basics; phone, wallet, keys, lip gloss; the staples you can't go without. Next there's my iPod with my matching pink Marc Jacobs headphones; nail file because I'm loathed to be caught without one when I catch a snag; my diary so I can keep up with everything that's going on; a pen... for signing autographs [obviously!]; perfumed face mist to keep me feeling refreshed and smelling good throughout the day; and of course a little light reading, if I have any down-time you will always find me reading a fashion mag.

What's in your bag?

Photos by Krissie